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It's Official: Brendan Fairclough signs with Scott11

It's Official: Brendan Fairclough signs with Scott11

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Brendan “Brendog” Fairclough signs on the dotted line for two years with the Scott11 team.

SCOTT 11 Welcomes Pro Downhill Racer Brendan Fairclough to the Team

GIVISIEZ, CH (November 23, 2011) Following the wrap up of yet another amazing season of Downhill racing, a number of interesting rumors involving Claudio’s 11, Swiss cheese, pump tracks, and Brendan Fairclough’s next move have been circulating online. SCOTT Sports is delighted to put an end to the speculation and to proudly welcome professional DH racer, and all round pinner, Brendan Fairclough to the Scott11 team.

MPORA Action Sports

Brendan is widely recognized as one of the most well rounded riders on the DH circuit with a unique style that has captivated and inspired his many fans. Whether he is racing competitions or ripping with friends, his natural ability and bike control make him one of the most exciting riders to watch.

Brendan is a regular top ten rider with an impressive 4th place finish at the recent 2011 Champéry World Championships, despite a torn ACL, and has featured in multiple highly acclaimed mountain bike films such as Clay Porter’s 3 Minute Gaps and Anthill Films’ Follow Me.

Now, after having undergone reconstructive knee surgery, Brendan is ready to come back next season to continue working with top bike film producers and to take on the UCI World Cup DH series with a new knee and a new bike.

SCOTT Sports and the SCOTT11 team will give Brendan the opportunity to take his racing to the next level by providing him with unparalleled support and the finest equipment to reach his goals.

Brendan will also play an instrumental role in developing and testing SCOTT products including SCOTT’s Gambler and Voltage FR bikes.

“I’m really happy to have the opportunity to join Scott11 for the 2012 and 2013 seasons,” says Brendan. “It’s going to be a big change from the last few years since I’ll now act as the lead rider on the team, but it’s a role I feel I am ready to take up and feel it’s going to be good for me in my fight for a championship. It’s going to be good to progress with SCOTT in the downhill market and hope we can get the bike on the top step of the podium and beyond. Very happy to have signed and can’t wait to get stuck into the season.”

“With Brendan on board, we can finally play a major role in the men’s field,” adds Team Manager Claudio Caluori. “The whole team is totally excited and will work flat out to get Brendan where Floriane Pugin has been since joining Scott11: On that podium!”

Welcome to SCOTT, Brendog!

Video Filmed by
Tom Grundy

Edit by
Domenico Galizia

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  1. jim

    Good luck Brendon

  2. Mossy

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming they kept that one quiet!

  3. AM

    The best kept secret in show business

  4. Luker

    I’m shocked! It’s as if we’re gonna hear something crazy like the Atherton’s are signing with GT next… Oh wait…

  5. Rich

    Is brendan stil sponsored by monster??

  6. Steve

    Brendan Fairclough and Tom Wallisch.. Two of the SWAGGEST sportsmen, under the same brand?!?!.. Life is good.

  7. Si Paton

    Yes Brendan is still sponsored by Monster Energy and Troy Lee Designs for the 2012 season.

  8. Robbonzo

    Good move I reckon. Now when are we gonna see the Carbon?

  9. phil

    holy editing batman!

  10. Gert B. Fobe

    I’m guessing it’s Clay Porter behind the @teamrumours? Got to be a video/photographer right?

  11. Gert B. Fobe

    Oh and def a good move for Scott, cool factor just went through the treetops

  12. dirt dodger


  13. Leon

    Wow , now my favorite rider is riding the bike I ride !

  14. Zero Cool

    Let’s wait and see how many of the people who have been slagging off Gamblers will end up riding one next year?

    Tom Kp

  15. db

    @ Zero Cool. Yeah. And all the fanboys are gonna rush out and buy Scott’s so you will be able to get 2011 2nd hand demo’s cheap.

  16. Zero Cool

    @db. Good, I’m in the market for a new bike and a 2nd hand demo would be perfect 😉

  17. jo

    Is he going to stay on the Blackbox program? Scott was riding Fox/Shimano last year.

  18. David

    thats what im wondering to, that was kept quiet so far, he only mentioned Monster and TLD

  19. LilKimsLice

    I don’t know about scott bikes but that green jacket is cool…is it scott?

  20. Hancock

    As long as it’s in his contract that he doesn’t have to ride injured.
    I had to re-read you’re interview a few issues back just to be sure. Monster team went down in my estimation for not supporting a guy with a busted ACL, wonder if that means they haven’t been paying Captain Eyebrows anything while he’s been out too?

  21. teeone

    ok…. and now…. sram corps or fox-shimano crew….

  22. Rob

    thats the big question now really isnt it – team sponsors! but with rumours flying round that the Syndicate are off Sram, maybe the big red will be sponsoring Scott 11 instead? Brendog tweeted just recently that Boxxer World Cups were the best fork, so its unlikely we’ll see him riding on what he considers not to be the best fork next year! but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Also, the lego man of him didnt have Fox and Shimano on like the original did, but maybe thats just to keep us guessing!

  23. want to get sponserd

    hahahahaha its not like we all new who it was.

    but realy me and mike are making films trying to get out there 😀

  24. Duncan

    Brendan is on Fox / Shimano (Shimano tweeted so this morning)

  25. Adam Cosgrove

    doesnt suit scott in my opinion

  26. bazza

    your opinion is not valid anyway so i wouldnt worry

  27. stacy kohut

    he should change his nickname to bren-cat. he seems to have multiple lives and chances and this wc game.
    lets see…., orange with peat and he choked,… honda with minnaar and he choked…,specialized with hill/brosnan and he choked.
    he had some of the best bikes and teammates and he couldn’t get it done.
    i predict more of the same.whips and scrubs and looking good, but no gold, silver or bronze……….

  28. Damian

    top banana, as a number 1 in the team, he’ll go from strength to strength,
    great news dude.

  29. rusty

    nice one, give him a Rayleigh chopper and he would still rinse us all braaaaaaaaaaap :)

  30. Dan W

    Kohut… pull ur head outa ur ass.

  31. 12 bore

    Surely Brendog shreddin the trails with his sick style can only do good things for UK sales of Scott bikes, send it youth!

  32. VonDH

    Good luck for 2012 cocker

  33. Ed

    Wallisch is now with North Face, presumably Scott got Brendog as a straight style swap…

  34. simon s

    good luck brendog, met him in morzine in sept after worlds top bloke amazing rider.

  35. Ben R

    Kohut,You do realize that you are talking about one of the most stylish and naturally talented riders out there right? haha. wow.

  36. Eoin

    @Kohut Yeah it’s like he barely gets on the podium, except for Champery (x2), Maribor, la Bresse, Pila and Schladming. STFU twat. http://www.rootsandrain.com/rider758/brendan-fairclough/results/?s1=8&y=716

    Plus the fact that he gets these results without pedaling…

  37. stacy kohut

    style doesn’t win races.
    and 4th or 5th ain’t really a podium.

  38. dh and scooter rats everywhere

    so glad hes still on monster cos im sure its a crack in a can energy drink that makes people fast, and i cant get enough size xl hoodys with massive shit logos on and rally drivers who dont win shit but are mint at dognuts, if hed left monster id have to re think my whole worldview, it would only take a few seconds, but as im so wired thats a long time! ah well…. well done brendog, im off to ask people wether they can backflip and how much their bike is worth……….

  39. juansamwell

    where as stacy kohut is a name rarely off the top podium spot at world cups….. oh no. no it isnt… oh sorry mate. so everyone who isnt on the top spot every race should be dropped yea? that would be….. oh yea everyone but gwin and nico v without a ride. thatd be an exciting series wouldnt it? dumb ass. well in brendan hope you have a good year in 2012.

  40. blah

    I didn’t realise this was new news? the video was up on Vimeo 11 days ago?!?


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