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Brasov Pumptrack Romania

Brasov Pumptrack Romania

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

“Less Talk, More Rock!” is the motto that the crew from Romania adopted to build this tasty looking pumptrack

Max Munteanu beamed over the news and says: “We’ve talked about building a pumptrack for a while now, but you know how it is: too much talking and you end up doing nothing. So we switched to the “Less Talk, More Rock!” format. After the last race of the DH season, my friend Costi decided to act, he got a crew together and they went up to the hills surrounding our wonderful city where we dug a few jumps two years ago. Back then we had to stop digging so we wouldn’t get in trouble with the local authoritities, but this time nobody cared, so it’s all good.

The boys worked hard and they got the basic shape of the pumptrack in just three days time, and in ten days it was already done and ridden. The early times of 21 seconds per lap got lower and lower and it seems that the last official record of the was 16.8 seconds.

So what’s next? Film something, of course! Luckily we have some skilled and creative people when we talk about filming around here. Our pal Mateffy just quit his job to become a full time filmer not so long ago and Prepe is is the master of technology. Lights were set up, the Blairwitch Project themed script was followed and riding action was documented until deep in the night. Fun? Duh! A memorable riding session, to say the least!

A big shout-out goes to the builders and shapers of Brasov! They know who they are!

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  1. PhilG


  2. escorte

    Nice going for Brasov! Proud to be from Brasov also! Great job guys!

  3. Maximilian

    Thanks for putting this up, Billy! Just to make things clear and fair: I just had my fun and sent an e-mail. The work was done by our great local kids! When youngsters go out digging on their own and the result is great fun when riding, it’s pretty clear you have a healthy scene! When I say all this, I also mean tracks in the forest and other rideable terrain. Excuse my enthusiasm, but 10 years back there was only one gravity oriented guy in our area and now we’re blooming. This is what happens when riders take care of their beloved sport! If you love mountainbiking it will love you back!

    Thanks Dirt Mag,

  4. Morgan

    Awesome track, and cracking video. Just a shame there were loads of people without helmets. I know it’s “only” a pump track, but accidents happen when you least expect them.

  5. Krissboo

    Gotta say that video was Awesome!! Has to be one of the best I’ve seen.
    That intro was so cool.

    Simple, but Brilliant!

  6. Andy

    like it!

  7. comment posting troll

    Very creative vid and props to the guy track standing so still!

  8. Pedro

    Sad it didnt exist last year when I was in Brasov in Erasmus.

  9. pw

    Seriously cool intro. Word!

  10. Maximilian

    Pedro, you can always come back. We are open to any guests and can show you around. We have a ton of spots to ride, we have bikes to borrow, if you don’t have one with you, and things are for sure growing!

  11. ginok

    iha! Giga ma niggas! :))) proud of you!

  12. Tavi

    Impressive stuff…..LOVE the video… Well done Mattefy :) … Good for you guys (Popo and the team)…. This is just one great example of what can be achieved when you do what you love…. It is simple, fun and results are always impressive…


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