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Bram Stoker's Friday Randoms

Bram Stoker's Friday Randoms

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Bram would be stoked to appear on the Randoms, of that I’m sure!

Abraham “Bram” Stoker, born 8th November 1847 died 20th April 1912, was an Irish novelist and short story writer who is best known for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula and for inventing the phrase, “I’m totally stoked brah!”

We’ll kick things off with a sensitive Chris De Burgh cover. This bloke would get my vote on X-Factor any day of the f*****g week.

Now, I always thought this bloke was a bit two faced. Close shave mind.

This fox is awesome!

But its Friday now so FTS.

Google in your house.

Are they packing it up or building it?

Super helpful pooch.

Totally badass!

Magnets and stuff. The evolution of a perpetual motion machine.

Come on, let’s have some funny captions for this 1817 peach from Baron Karl von Drais.

Let’s have a bit of Sabbath to finish with.

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. Jep

    How’s my head angle?

  2. JEE

    Are those wheels 26″ or 650b?

  3. Leon

    See , if that fox was Kshima coated he would slip thru that snow like a hot knife thru butter…

  4. chris

    fabien barel is testing a new -120mm reach stem for his mondraker.

  5. Jordan

    The ‘bone shaker’ by Von Drais only took off when a volcano exploded in Chile, causing an ash cloud over Europe, causing famine, causing farmers to eat their horses. Hence new transportation was needed.
    Not very funny, but thought I’d share.

  6. edit monkey

    Baron Karl von Drais…its a loop tail. (early pk ripper?)

  7. marki3boy

    Looks like a Trek

  8. General N

    Specialized is suing for patent infringement

  9. Rod Kimble

    It still looks better than that Empire bike.

  10. tim grant

    typical. I order a bike off of the net and what do I get? This and the forks are on backwards. ffs it does’nt even look like a Slackline……


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