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BOS Suspension Now Distributed By Surf Sales

BOS Suspension Now Distributed By Surf Sales


After a brief spell with no UK distribution it’s great to see BOS back on these shores, and it’s even better news that they’ve been picked up by Surf Sales. The guys at Surf Sales have been in the business for years and are now probably best known for distributing Transition Bikes. With any suspension product it’s important to know that you’re not going to have any issues with tech and spares support, and that’s an area which we think Surf Sales will have well covered. Despite only just taking on the brand they’ve already appointed a fulltime service engineer who’s been over to BOS HQ to learn everything that there is to know.


At last weeks ‘The Bike Place’ trade show they had the full range on show and they’ve already set UK pricing as follows.

Idylle SC: £1150
Idylle: £1350
Idylle RaRe: £1750
Idylle SC Air: £1250
Idylle SC Air Tapered: £1350
Idylle Air: £1595
Idylle Air RaRe: £1795

Deville: £850
Deville Tapered: £899
Deville TRC: £955
Deville TRC Tapered: £985

Stoy: £585
Stoy RaRe: £675
Void: £699
Vip’R: £499


  1. Hancock

    So is that distributor thee or four in five years?
    Lets see how long this relationship lasts, I’m calling eighteen months.

  2. fanboy

    Superior product, but BOS is a mess to deal with. It’s not the distributors fault, they just don’t answer (phone or mail). And their deliveries are f’ed up.

    Almost not worth it, even at their performance level. Good to see if DVO give them a run for their money.

  3. arnal

    Hey Hancock, don’t say bullshitt! It’s only the second distributor in UK for BOS since the begining! Old one was R53…

    1. Hancock

      Uhuh, you might want to go ask TF Tuned how their deal with BOS worked out, R53 weren’t the first.

  4. Sol

    Great news, BOS is a top company and it takes time to find the right distributor for any company.

  5. Dave

    arnal – TF Tuned did it before R53.

  6. Machete

    Well I’m waiting for a YT with full BOS so if surf sales can keep my bouncy bits working I’m happy

  7. MrPlow

    We are the new distributors of BOS in Australia, http://Www.BOStralia.com, BOS is working really hard with us and other distro’s. Gone are the old days, we are on our way to toulouse next week to train so we can service and tune down under. BOS customer service will match their product quality, I wouldn’t worry about that anymore.

  8. ian

    unfortunatly tftuned and r53 found out how diffacult bos or should that be ollie bossard is to deal with.
    i had a nice long chat with chris at r53 just as they ended their agreement with bos, i wont say what was mentioned other than i believe him to be very very diffacult to deal with.
    i do hope this new arangment with surfsales works out, as i am a huuuge bos fan myself. i already run a ndee on the dh bike and a deville on my hardtail. am currently toying with the idea of throwing a deville on the trail bike to. so im hoping we can hold on to our uk distributor this time.


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