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Blenkinsop Breaks Wrist in NZ

Blenkinsop Breaks Wrist in NZ

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

News just in about World Cup Lapierre rider Sam Blenkinsop:

Sam Blenkinsop has broken his left wrist during official training at the 2nd Round of the South Island Cup in New Zealand, in Dunedin.

Full details on the injury aren’t available yet. Sam is flying back to his home town of Wanganui in order to have the wrist x-rayed in the morning, and have a full assessment made. The wrist was too swollen to be x-rayed in Dunedin.

Results will be known tomorrow and a recovery prognosis will be made. The injury is not thought to be too serious.


NZ TV report from the event here (Source:Doug R)

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  1. Isaac

    Ah :(

  2. Chops

    Wounder, I hope he is fixed for the World cups. He will be gutted if he needs help taking a sh1t!

  3. aidan

    6 weeks for a broken wrist generally. not a major set back

  4. stevie t

    wrists are so fickle. they can take months to set properly, and sometimes never are right afterwards. my mates still not right from the megavalanche

  5. Doug R
  6. Jimmy

    Yep wrists suck! Mine will never be 100 per cent and was also done in the mega. Although mine took 18 months to fix thanks to some very shite UK quacks.


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