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Bike Magic Trail Guide TV: Kinlochleven, Scotland

Bike Magic Trail Guide TV: Kinlochleven, Scotland

Our good friends at Bike Magic have just started their world off in motion pictures (Video). They have just started a series of videos to find some of the best natural trails to ride, but without giving exact routes to follow so you can go and have your own adventure in the same location!

The first episode is from Rauri Watt and his dog riding some pretty fun looking natural single track, in Kinlochleven.

To check out the full article click here, they won’t bite….honest

  1. John

    Good stuff take me there.

  2. Pager

    Good work there Mark:)

  3. dirt dodger


  4. bedders

    bet the dog slept well that night. nice clip

  5. Lucie

    That dog is amazing, so freaking excited! “Woohoo we’re on the trail, I’ll bet he’s going straight on, oh he’s gone down there, good choice, oh this is amazing woohoo”


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