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Bike Bus From Edinburgh to Glentress

Bike Bus From Edinburgh to Glentress

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Karl Mott beamed over this news about an easy way to travel to the trails at Glentress from Edinburgh if you don’t have a car, are green minded or just fancy an adventure in a minibus with your mates.


Glentress is a world-class mountain bike destination and part of the 7stanes network of biking trails spanning the south of Scotland.

But without a car or other means of direct transport, Karl Mott, a former business studies student at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, found it difficult to access the trails at weekends and participate in the sport he loves.

A few years down the line, and Karl and his wife Abie have turned the bike transport problem and Karl’s passion for mountain biking into an exciting new business venture. Bike Bus Glentress takes bikes and riders direct from Edinburgh city centre to Glentress twice daily at weekends and once mid-week, beginning September 2011.
‘What we’re offering is an affordable service that can be used both by local people and those travelling from further afield,’ explains Karl, a qualified Mountain Bike Leader (MBLA) who has been racing road and mountain bikes in the Scottish Borders since the age of thirteen. ‘Glentress has been very car-oriented up until now, but with this new service, cyclists can catch a train into Edinburgh then hop on the Bike Bus. It also provides a more sustainable option for people who would normally make the trip by car.’

The Bike Bus is an eight-seat minibus with a specially designed trailer capable of carrying up to ten bikes at a time. In addition to the travel service, Bike Bus Glentress offers introductory guiding for beginners and intermediate riders and bike hire is available at the Glentress Peel Centre.

To book the Bike Bus, find out about fares or ask about Bike Bus Glentress guiding service, call 07549145634 or visit www.bikebusglentress.co.uk.

  1. Bill

    Great idea , makes Glentress doable in a weekend for those of us living down South

  2. Stu

    Can you extend it to Inners too please!!!!!!!!

  3. ben

    cracking idea!

  4. Das Juden Bear

    Good idea, but £15 return is a bit steep is it not? If you get 2 folk to go you could hire a car for less or use the car club. I suppose they have to cover the fuel costs at minimum customer occupancy. I regularly do the car run from Edinburgh to glentress and reckon I get away with £6 spent on fuel. This would only be of benefit to those without transport and not an economically viable alternative to those with transport. I guess I would have used it as a student without a car and for that I can see the benefit. best of luck to you Karl.

  5. craig

    use it for inners uplift. save gettin my bike trashed AGAIN

  6. Gomez

    @ DJ Bear – Fair points…if a tad obvious…try getting a taxi to EdinB>GT and back..see how much change you get from £15.

  7. cool hand luke

    @Das Juden Bear, true but a minibus with 8 people + 8 bikes and a trailer is going to drink alot more than you in your car, plus they are running a business, you arent trying to make profits. I think its a great idea!

  8. Das Juden Bear

    @Gomez. Change; none I suppose but who said anything about at taxi?

    @cool hand luke, yes the bus is big and my car is small so I guess it would use more fuel so thanks for pointing that one out to me. mpg, what’s that?

    anyway I do think this is a good idea if you don’t have a car. but its not really an alternative if you do drive (which is what the website suggests) and this is the only point I was making if you actually read my previous comment.

    bottom line; if they could incorporate this with an up life service to inners then they could charge more and probably have more customers. i would pay £30 – £40 fo a serive like that.


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