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Big Guns at British Downhill Series

Big Guns at British Downhill Series

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton have all signed up for the full BDS series.

Big news for the British Downhill Series this one: Forget the “Guns of Navarone”, we’ve gone three times better than that! Dan Brown the Athertons Team Manager has just logged onto the BDS website and entered the fastest family in the World into the British Downhill Series!

Thats Dan, Gee and Rachel contending the full series, they will have their huge team truck and pitch at every round so make sure you pop on over, say hello, get your photo taken with them, check out their kit and mechanics in action, grab an autograph and some stickers!

Then get up the hill and see all the action up close and personal and remember parking and spectating is always free!

Dates and venues:
Rd 1 – 10th and 11th of April at Rheola
Rd 2 – 8th and 9th of May at Fort William
Rd 3 – 26th and 27th of June at Llangollen
Rd 4 – 7th and 8th of August at Moelfre
Rd 5 – 25th and 26th of September Caersws

Keep a track on the Athertons right here:

For more iformation on the British Downhill Series:

  1. Charles

    arn’t they missing Llangollen?

  2. Edwards

    Can’t wait to see them at Rheola 😀 Sick!

  3. Al

    Dang, Scotland needs to get some new race tracks…

  4. Perv

    Sod that, when is Playboy going to sign Rachel up for a photo shoot?!

  5. willysnow

    …i dont mean to sound negative, but this is hardly news? I would have thought they would have showed up anyway? Equally maybe they havent in previous years, due world cups and stuff

  6. Farmer


    People that didn’t know they were going to be there now might head out to one of the BDS’ to watch them. Any press is good press.

  7. bulit04


  8. Kevin Morgan

    I’m gonna enter them for the Olympic BMX online now.

  9. Hmmmm

    NPS/BDS make announcements like this pretty much every year, and they rarely live up to it. My virtual £10 says we will not be seeing them at 4 rounds – a couple maybe.

  10. Rob

    I went to llangollen yesterday and found nothing downhill worthy. Whats that all about?

  11. braaap

    “£10 says we will not be seeing them at 4 rounds – a couple maybe.”

    yeah, every year this is announced some where and they show up one or two rounds.


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