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Best Bodges, Tweaks and Hacks

16:01 7th November 2013 by Dave Jaquin

Well then, it seems that we all have a bit of bike based Ray Mears in us. Loads of you have come up with some truly ingenious ways to fix your bikes, either improving general performance or getting home after a trailside catastrophe.

We’re going to kick off with the good, the bad and the ugly from the submissions so far. As expected zip ties and tape feature heavily in the best bodges but there are some surprises in there too. A toothbrush, radio controlled car shock absorber and bits of wood have all been used to fix bikes in the woods so lets see what you have hacked together so far.


First up is one from Teapeaster (real name unknown) who was in need of a chain device.

I bodged together a chain device. Sick of my front mech and didn’t have the cash for an expensive chain device, I simply chopped a bit of wood, wedged it in place and stuck it on with a zip tie. Bingo! Chain doesn’t drop and I saved myself money on an over-priced bike bit.

With no photographic evidence of this bodge we were sent something even better, a cartoon of the wood and zip tie chain device.



This one is from a Wye Valley local and was sent in by John Hayes. Short stems and wide bars are the way forward when it comes to razzing on bikes but making your own short stem from a long one is taking it to the extreme.

The owner / welder needed a shorter stem for a bike build. A 100mm+ stem and a bit of A-Team inspired workshop time later and here you go!


Dodgiest bodge ever? The Wye Valley cut and shut stem.


Now this last one might be an ugly bodge but its often the most grim looking hacks that get you home. After an OTB Gareth Critcher’s mate ruined his Formula lever but after some back pack hunting the necessary bits were found to fix it up. I particularly like the use of a valve in there.

After 5 minutes of searching we put together this Valve Core / Zip tie / Elastic band combo…Worked a treat.

This is proper Ray Mears stuff.

Think you have done better/worse than any of these? If you have any more Bodges, Tweaks or Hacks then send them in to me and we will feature some more next week. david.jaquin@factorymedia.com

  1. mike

    Well the weld is pretty sweet looking if nothign else

  2. hector

    mike’s right! nice job on the weld.

  3. adrian

    Lovely weld, should take anything

  4. bedders

    red and green should never be seen, except on a Cannondale….. :-)

  5. Fridge Freezer

    Wow. That chain device and artwork look very familiar…

  6. Rockin Rox

    What a great bodge story by teapea

    It’s so nice to see someone use some initiative both with the bodge and the illustration of the fix.
    It’d be great to see more of this in Dirt magazine.

  7. Zebedee

    Helpful tip teapea :) Love the cartoon illustrations great way to show a bodge job.
    Ingenious idea well done

  8. Tykebike

    Who knows, there may be a piece of solid aluminium bar inside the stem to provide strength.

  9. gabe

    bit late i know but…..


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