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Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show Bristol this weekend

Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show Bristol this weekend

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Bespoked – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show 2011 – Paintworks, Bristol this weekend.

If you love handmade bicycle frames then you should really get yourself over to Bristol this weekend. Just so you know, this is not a mountainbike show, it is a bicycle show, so don’t be expecting 6” travel bouncers, we are talking more road, fixie kind of things. Here’s the Press Release:

In 3 days the greatest bicycle makers in this country will all be heading to Bristol’s Bespoked Bristol – The UK Handmade Bicycle Show to meet and show there wears to an eagerly awaiting public. Fire and metal coupled with the exquisite skills of the artisan’s come together to form the most beautiful and desirable bicycles on the planet!
This inaugural show is the event for bicycle makers and customers to come together, to discuss and share ideas. Buying a custom bicycle means embarking on a partnership that will hopefully last a lifetime. Where partners must be chosen wisely – a fellowship between customer and builder. Everyone’s riding philosophy is different and to have a bicycle made that reflects your style, involves meeting those who can understand your needs.

Bespoked Bristol is not a trade fair where you are shown products, this is a place to view craftsmanship, discuss possibilities and buy dreams!

Bespoked Bristol is the UK’s first handmade bicycle show, celebrating the craft of beautiful bicycles. The event will showcase the talents of independent makers and designers of bicycles, small-scale makers of premium products, components, clothing and bicycle accessories.


  1. Mary

    I would love to attend this, hopefully it becomes an annual event.

  2. stevo

    might have a full bouncer in it next year 😉

  3. Tony Pulis

    keep an eye out for the rourke custom frames! there amazing

  4. ace

    Blog on this later in the week :) i will be there on Saturday as it will be full of shiny hardtails.

  5. ace

    Anyone going on Sunday, go early it was packed today. Proper day out for bike nuts and some really cool indy brands in there.
    A bit on HTN first, then wait for the world cup coverage to calm down on here and a blog later in the week. Maybe 2 as i took loads of piccys, and they have booked the venue for next year :)


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