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Berm of the Week

Berm of the Week

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A new Summer feature for you here folks. Berm of the week will be showcasing the best berms from around the World!

First off we’ve got a monster creation from Jimmy Pratt’s trails snapped by the guys over at www.digmore.co.uk

Take a look, she’s an absolute beauty!!!

Have you built a berm you’re proud of? Then send it in to Billy@dirtmountainbike.com

  1. dirt dodger


  2. Mark

    Now I see the trick – look at the size of the trees – the person is only one foot tall. Cool.

  3. VonDH

    Where did i put my surf board. more like a wave

  4. Benji


  5. ronin

    need a pic of the run-in in order to carve that swell. could almost double as a crazy hip!

  6. Dirk


  7. chris

    was that build by hand? good work!!!

  8. Philipp

    The Bermonster

  9. cool hand luke

    i think the bar has been set a tad high

  10. Timmy

    Had a cheeky look at this the other day, very impressive work……….

  11. James

    That’s not a berm, it’s an open-cast mine! :)

  12. bazrati

    Think this competition has been opened and closed by its first entrant

  13. mike

    these used to be called ‘wall-rides’…

  14. Emily

    Yeah, I agree with Bazrati! Billy…. shoulda saved this one for later! I can’t see how anything else could beat it.

  15. billy

    @Emily, it’s not a matter of beating it…the point is to showcase some great earth works from around the world!

  16. nickyb

    anyone know where this is?

    Is it BERMondsey?

  17. tom

    I’d be too embarrassed to show you my berm now :(

  18. billy

    Don’t be embarrassed! People want to see them…big and small!

  19. Afan Warrior

    I’m not going all the way to Bermondsey to ride that little beauty when I got a version that’s half the size and half as hard to ride on my doorstep.
    My Mrs. is going nuts though, she can’t get the milk in.lol


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