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Berm Of The Week: Fort William

Berm Of The Week: Fort William

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray
berm of the week

This week’s berm comes from the World Cup downhill track at Fort William, Scotland.

Rowan Sorrell and the crew have built this catch berm below the new road gap at the Fort. The World Cup circus comes to the Fort for UCI round #2 on the 4th/5th of June so you’ll be able to check this beauty in the flesh.

fort william berm

The berm under construction.

The finished article.

The view from the road gap.

If you’ve created a berm…big or small…we’d love to see it. Send them in to Billy

  1. James

    Pretty sure its 4th/5th June not July.

  2. billy

    Typo! Soz! Got too excited about the berm!

  3. James

    It is a thing of beauty!

  4. Gekko

    Nice berm, but i think the most riders will take the inside line.

  5. Jamie

    They don’t look very steep :/

  6. Morgan

    Seeing it surfaced, it really doesn’t look steep enough to catch riders who’ll be travelling pretty fast (I’m guessing they’re shifting some to get over the road gap). However, the s-bend affair does look mighty fun to ride!

  7. dave

    this is pretty damn steep, the photos do no justice at all. Anyone who was at the SDA this weekend will tell you the same.

  8. intense951

    Billy, where about is this on the track – cant think where it is, however, it must be in the lower section because of the tree line. Also will you guys be bring up some new t-shirts this year? – Im in need of a new wardrobe!

  9. Jamie

    The lander is steep, no-ones saying it isn’t, but the berms are fairly flat especialy for the speed they’ll be riden at as Morgan said. I saw this section at the weekend too.

  10. Stu

    Please tell me its not just for the races!

  11. Craig Quik

    Looks pretty good! I’ll need to get myself over there before the WC.

  12. billy

    @intense951, yes, we’ll be bringing tee shirts up to the Fort for your new wardrobe.

  13. fortwilly

    @intense951= the finished article pic, see where the yellow van is at the bottom, im pretty sure thats where the first wall ride is

  14. VonDH

    Looks fast as hell

  15. jambo

    was racing at the sda to a look at it is huge landing is really steep

  16. dirt dodger

    PICTURES NEVER DO JUSTICE! I am pretty sure if Sorell’s crew have built it ready for the WC it will be nice, and I doubt it will stay smooth either. I reckon it will be a very fast section and the scene of a few ground kisses.

  17. Philbert2000

    Is this the downhill track or the 4x track?

  18. Philbert2000

    Ups… Just read it at the top. Looking forward to ride the track in two weeks :)

  19. Jack

    Looks like a trek

  20. IsakL

    That pole in the end of the first corner looks like a painful solution for people who have to much speed to make the turn..
    Otherwise, looking sick

  21. Pete

    @Jack – Haha. Don’t they all..

    I can see where you got the idea from through – the flowy lines..

  22. Snakebite

    @intense: I think you mean the angle of the camber ….steep is the gradient of the trail downwards to sea-level. I don’t mean to be the pedant but it’s all in the name of getting the right answer.

    I think the angle of the camber looks like it could be increased as I wouldn’t like to be hitting that flat out, looks like a weird set of berms, but riding stuff is often so different to looking at photos.

  23. nozes

    Looks like a BMX track,but I guess the rest of the track has enough roots and rocks :)

  24. Ollie

    since when did fort bill dh become a blue XC track?! joking of course looks fun as hell to ride

  25. Dave James

    Saw that at the SDA…there will be deaths

  26. Leon

    To all the people moaning about the camber of the berm , would you rather see some one ride around some easy to ride BMX style berm , cool to look at at for the visual impact of the berm but lacking some drama , or watch them getting side ways kicking dust and gravel up and potential carnage to if you are into that kinda thing.

    I would go for the drifting every time.

  27. Med

    you can see in the 2nd last pic that the berm is plenty steep enough, plus after its been ridden a few hundred time during WC practice a good groove will appear and they’ll be ripping through!!!

  28. forkbrayker

    looks a little gay to me. at least i wont have to worry about arm pump. makes me wonder if bringing the downhill bike would worth the hassle!!

    also i cant see this berm lasting long in with newbies skidding down it when it dry and dusty. sorry but epic fail from fortbill on this one must have taken lessons from kinnoull hill!!!!

  29. Spooky

    Awesome Forkbrayker, with it being so gay we can all watch you send it first time on your hardtail!
    Had a good look at it the other week, you’ll be on the brakes as soon as you land i reckon + i think they’ll build a ledge and it’ll be more of a drop than a jump… the landing really is a lot steeper in the flesh

  30. forkbrayker

    lol touche!!! and gladly would do so, have hit alot bigger. For your information and for those who’ve been racing for less than 5 years – i have ridden the old fort bill on my hardtail in a time that would embarress alot of full susser wannabes.

    any how this wasnt meant to be a slanging/bravado match, all i am saying is that is far too smooth for it to be put into one of the hardest trails in the world.
    and the original section (to the right in the photos) is the more DH oriented option unlike this 4x style bmx option

  31. Christo

    Sorry but you say its too smooth, surely that can be said about almost all of the top section, especially when its been resurfaced? come race day I doubt it’ll be looking so nice

  32. Spooky

    Its smooth at the moment, pretty sure it’ll be rough as a badgers bawsack after a days worth or practise though. I used to race my hardtail and smoke lots of guys on full sussers also…

    Anyway, at the end of the day, the track is getting tired, the riders are looking for changes to keep it interesting, the track is probably the most physically demanding on the circuit because of the terrain and its length so i don’t think 50m of apparently smooth track is going to ruin it.

  33. guy smiley

    Is this from the DH track or BMX?

  34. forkbrayker

    fair point well made spooky, but with regards to the top, whilst it is a major plus point that we can start from the gondola station and get a longer trail to boot, it too is a little glentress in style, the majority of riders/racers i know feel this as well, the old start was just too epic to put into words. “Fort bill doesnt start till after the last wooden bridge” is what everyone i know thinks when they ride there, mind you, after seeing some of the lower sections of the last world cup at S.Africa it looks like the UCI would prefer us to run slicks and lockouts on our suspension anyway

  35. al

    some walker has layed sticks across the track.

  36. natty

    Nothing against change. But hopefully this doen’t end up having too trail centre a feel to it. The old section after the road crossing was always good and nice challenge for riders especially towards the end of it if you set up right to hop and straight line the as best you could the little kinked turns. We need more challenging in the woods section. I wish they would do some work to the last section after Hills hip jump. That is every bit a pedally as SOuth Africa, the jumps are boring and flat until you get to the old tissot/redbull arch.

  37. Med

    This section is only going to be open for the WC race, the rest of us mortals will still use the old track for the rest of the year.

  38. barney

    The should have just straightlined the landing…then a massive jump over the full hairpin below into the tight single track with bigger rocks added for some carnage! That would sort the boys from the girls.

  39. Hagar

    Trail builders let us down it before they hard packed it, its steep and flows well.

  40. Tom

    all the people saying it looks like a trail centre etc have obviously never seen or ridden the rest of the the track…

  41. forkbrayker

    true, the rest of the track is a ball breaker, but epic fun nonetheless.

  42. you riffled it

    if any body gets the road gap wrong they will become a berm rider and they will land in the gondola station at the bottom it’s banked up that much,
    you need to see this in the flesh as the pics don’t do it justice.
    it will rail you round so fast ready for the right hand berm i stood above it last wk end where the take off platform is been built and you need to get this right every time no margin for error or your screwed i think it might well need a catch net.

    ” I GOT ME SELF 1 OF THOSE DOWN HILLERS AGAIN ” Captain birdseye


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