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Ben Reid Prototype Norco Aurum

Ben Reid Prototype Norco Aurum

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dirt Norco rider Ben Reid tells us about a new Aurum frame he built up for the Fort William World Cup.

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  1. phil

    fantastically vague.
    there’s no point in saying there’s been changes without saying what they were and why they were needed!

  2. TimBud

    ^^^ yep. All we know is that it suits Reids riding style better than the last one.
    Slackened/lowered/lightened/strengthened…? Still looks pretty stunning.
    oh, new headset. 😉

  3. Big Bird

    Those glasses must be annoying to see through. I heard somewhere that he just ran a longer front end with the same shorter rear end, which is the first thing that I thought of doing. Give me an XL front and a Sm rear and I’d be stoked. Polished for light weight?

  4. optimus doddsy

    yeah bit of a random vid that, still bike looks nice, like the polished finish.

  5. Das Bear Juden

    well he did tell us that the bike went to his mate douggies’ house, good to know! maybe that’s the change??? other than a different head set and some new bars, he didn’t actually tell us anything about this “new frame”! fairly pointless vid.

  6. Leon

    So if these new tweeks make it more stable then are stock ones unstable?

  7. ronin

    that bike made my own 2012 100 list

  8. Adders

    Guys, didn’t you hear? He’s got new bars!

  9. Scrub

    His chainring is bent or he forgot a washerduring installation, his rear brake drags too much, and whats up with the guy(Dougie?) in boots and boardshorts in the pic. lol

  10. ronin

    @scrub- when you can only reach the reef break by horsies!

  11. Adam

    This just in!!! I just took a poop. Lets make a video bout it!


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