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Ben Cathro Launches Sick Skills Guiding and Coaching

Ben Cathro Launches Sick Skills Guiding and Coaching

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Major increase in speed, accidental awesomeness, feeling of accomplishment, unnatural radness, sensational confidence and mild arousal are all positive side effects you’ll experience from a Ben Cathro training day!

The gentle giant of downhill from Scotland tells us about his new exciting project and gives a candid insight into the life of a privateer.

Ben Cathro Launches Sick Skills Guiding and Coaching

2011 was a decent year for me, I gained a couple of top 20’s at the world cups and scored a top 10 at La Bresse which was next level.

The summer of cruising around the world with the MTBcut/Orange crew was over and I was left with some amazing memories and an empty bank account. It’s the classic story of the privateer racer.

Work to earn some money during the winter while trying to train at a decent level then blow it all racing during the summer. While this does sound like I was living the dream it doesn’t really hold much hope for the future. I kept pushing myself and promoting myself to try and score that “Big Deal” and earn a living but sadly I never quite got there.

£1 .90 in the account...... time to sell some bikes.

So the prospect of another winter of scraping money together hit me and for the first time ever I thought, I want a change. Bam! Sick Skills started.

I started planning everything out and I realised World Cups were off the list, the costs were too high and I couldn’t dedicate myself 100% to training with a company to run. Racing is still something I love to do so I decided to focus my efforts on racing in Britain which means I’ll try to make it to as many SDA, BDS and Gravity Enduro races as I can.

Ben Cathro racing at Fort William word cup. Photo: Ian Linton

The company took a while to come together. There’s lots of qualifications to gain, paperwork to do, finances to get in order and legal junk to sort out. After a lot of hard work and late nights I’ve finally got to the stage that I can officially announce that Sick Skills is up and running!

So, Sick Skills is a mountain bike coaching and guiding company that I created. I always knew at some point I would move into coaching the sport that I love and 2012 just felt like the right time. I aim to deliver detailed and thorough courses with a laid back and humorous atmosphere while teaching people all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years. I’ll be running the courses on my local trails near Oban with the plan to expand into other areas. I am also offering a service where I come to your local trails and perform a day session for you and a group of friends.

For the price of a new bike component you could have a fun day learning new skills and improving as a rider. Side effects may include:

Major increase in speed, accidental awesomeness, feeling of accomplishment, unnatural radness, sensational confidence and mild arousal.

Sick Graphics designed by Tina Mackenzie, manufactured by Apex Graphics

I’ve just finished throwing together the website so pop over have a look and book yourself onto one of our fantastic courses: www.sickskills.co.uk

I’d like to thank all my sponsors, without them it would not have been possible to make this happen: Hope, Renthal, Maxxis, 661, Madison Clothing, Stans Notubes, GoPro, Works Components, Element 9 Graphics, Gravity Dropper, Santacruz, Mojo Suspension and Shimano.

See you on the hill!

Ben Cathro

Sick Skills

  1. Luke

    is he off orange and on santa now?

  2. duir

    Another incredible British talent forced out of world cup downhill what a shame. It amazes me that a rider capable of privateering to the level of top ten still doesn’t get offered a full sponsorship deal. The UK has so many incredible young riders (Cathro, Brayton, Barnes, etc) who are very dedicated and very fast that never seem to get a break with a big team. I am sure most of these riders are top 20 maybe even top ten with a big team behind them. If I win the euromillions I am going to set up a full factory team and get the Brits to the top!!

  3. Phil McCracken

    Couldn`t agree more with Duir… if i became minted i`d start my own downhill team up.. Give these lads the bling team they deserve..
    I would also have Tracy Hannah as my top female rider,,,,(and future wife…)

  4. dave

    How old are you two? 12?

  5. ddmonkey

    Good luck Ben – let me know when you fancy running a session in Morzine, I’ll be in!

  6. Turpy

    @Dave very funny :-)

  7. scallyhunter

    Good luck Ben.

  8. cool hand luke

    Mild arousal you say? Interesting. Where do i sign up?

  9. Jamazepam

    @Phil McCracken, I thought it was funny. Although not as funny as your name, genius! Unless that is your, which would be unfortunate. @dave, just get out more.

  10. duir

    @dave it made me laugh that you find me immature for wanting to see talented riders from the UK do well……………lighten up old chap.

    For the record I am 39, have been riding for about 23 years and am an airline captain.

  11. Hampson

    erm dave, ripped

  12. Bobby2sox

    I’m a space cadet.

  13. Airline Captain

    I’m an airline captain!!! Thats so funny, dont fuck with the airline captain.

  14. Deon

    Ahh shit no! I had you picked in my fantasy league… haha, best of luck dude!

  15. Si Paton


    All the very best with your new venture. All you up andcoming Scottish riders get on this, you will learn loads. I’ve seen Ben racing andriding for many years and he knows his onions!

  16. Mat

    Hey Ben when you doing a session in NZ?

  17. Sky Rat


  18. duir

    Glad that one made you smile!! I used to be an astronaut but was not prepared to travel.

  19. Booboy

    I’m an airline captain and so is my wife

  20. Bert

    I’m a trolley dolly, and I’ve got big buns

  21. billy

    You lot are funny!

  22. Gary

    how long ’til someone sharpie’s that “S” on the side of the van into a “D”?

    good luck Ben!

  23. GBeast

    Go Ben!

  24. Phil McCracken

    By the way Dave…. i`m 12 and three quarters… and having fun…

    unlike you ya miserable git…!

    @Jamazepan…cheers bud…no worries, it`s not my real name…but there`s always deed poll…


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