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Behind the scenes at the Dirt Magazine carbon downhill bike test in San Romolo, Italy.

Behind the scenes at the Dirt Magazine carbon downhill bike test in San Romolo, Italy.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The latest issue of Dirt Magazine (Issue #136) contains a big banger of a feature. One In Four. Steve Jones loaded up the Dirt van with the top four production carbon downhill bikes, the Santa Cruz V10, Trek Session 9.9, Specialized S-Works Demo and the Devinci Wilson and headed out to San Romolo in Italy.

The Parkin Bros give us a glimpse of what went on during the magazine bike test on the fast, rocky tracks of the Italian Riviera.


  1. Craig

    Brilliant. Really enjoyed the mag test – more comparative testing please – and this is a great addition to it. Maybe you’ll have better luck scoring the right size frames in future!

  2. WAKi

    Luca Masserini – That guy is priceless.

  3. Ali

    Absolute gold with Luca on that video. Got to be one of my favourite people in the world!

  4. Craig

    Loved the finger in the arse quote!

  5. TimBud

    And my new favourite word:
    A manetta

  6. Big+Bird

    It was good to actually see Jones out smashing laps. I was starting to wonder if he was just the king of parking lot testers.

  7. Turman

    Well done boys.

  8. Rob Booth

    fantastic vid, plz do more, nice one Jones

  9. Neil

    Another great video from Jones.
    Seems it’s all about bike fit, not unexpected I guess.
    I wonder, how was the SC with the Large front end? Is that what big man Peaty rides?
    Thanks guys, jones, great coments, Luca, priceless, no foreplay!

  10. Gabe

    That was f*****g Rad! I want to go to San Romolo. You guys have simultaniously got me sooo excited about my trip to france in 6 weeks (woo) but also kinda wishing I was going to Italy instead (boo). Next year… Also, 9 minutes into the video, Holy Jesus I wish I was that quick! That was mental! Keep up the good work.

  11. matt

    More of this sort of testing. Good work guys. A lot of testers say they are all good but can’t say why, which is why i liked this. any possibility of my makulu being made in carbon (lighter) in the next few years as i can’t think of any other way to make even better.

  12. Edward Hooper

    Excellent article but I did think a control bike was needed, like a morewood or something just to see if going carbon is worth the hype etc. Apart from that well done and thanks.

  13. Luca Masserini

    Hey Parkin Bros… where are the funny footage? do you plan an extra edit just to put a smile on people face??

    ciao belli!

  14. marti

    Luca is a man of tremendous leadership!
    The bikes are amazing
    Dirt is n1


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