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Beerten and Rinderknecht win Val di Sole 4x qualifying

Beerten and Rinderknecht win Val di Sole 4x qualifying

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Anneke Beerten and Roger Rinderknecht go fastest in Val di Sole World Cup qualifying.

Scott Beaumont had a bonza result with a 9th after being out injured since Maribor. Other Brits, Pat CJ in 20th, Duncan Ferris 22nd, DirtTV chesty cam rider Scott Roberts 24th, Will Longden 26th, Will Evans 28th and Dirt columist Cunny in 29th. Have I missed anybody out?


Roger Rinderknecht clocks a 43.961 to take uno position in Val di Sole qualifying.


Jared Graves said he didn’t have a great run and finishes 2nd, +0.450 behind Rinderknecht.

Full results:



Anneke Beerten number uno qualifier in Val di Sole.


Katy Curd opted out of DH today to concentrate on the 4x…3rd place…job done.


  1. The Night Sheep

    Lee Ferry doing his first World Cup 4x and managed to qualify in 61st

  2. The Night Sheep

    Feery even lol

  3. billy

    Get in there Feery, good on ya!

  4. Tricki

    The women need to get of the island of Idont Wanna, or wherever they are, and start racing. 11 girls in a WC competition, jeezes….

  5. Rob

    whats with the race numbers?? jared graves being number 65 for example.

  6. Isaac

    Yeah, I recognise 5 names out of that 11, Buhl’s at Crankworx Colorado, but where is Horacova? Buchanan? Kinter quit WCs so she’s not there. There’s more people whose names I can’t remember too.

  7. DB76

    Go on lee ‘goose man’ Feery well done mate

  8. simon@dbs

    Go Goose 61st in the mix.

  9. simon@dbs

    is it the DB76 training plan

  10. simon@dbs

    issac its BMC world champs tis weekend Buchanons definatley there and probaly hracova??

  11. James

    Missed Tom Dowie out of the list of Brits in 44th

  12. paddy

    go goose it must have been the road rides that made him.
    proud of ya goose winchman

  13. Morgan

    So much for Graves’ somewhat boastfull claims earlier this season that he was pretty much unequaled, so was going to concentrate on making his quali times faster than anyone else.
    No disrespect to him but if that was his plan it’s not working out so far. Just goes to prove though that although he might not be the fastest on the track (in terms of quali), his first straight power is just untouchable!
    Good luck to all the brits racing out there!

  14. paddy

    just got off the blower from goose and he say`s “going big or going home” and is super pumped about it all.he unclipped on his second pedal aswell in quals.

  15. foo

    Pretty sure Graves never boasted about anything. He certainly never said he was unequaled. He said qualifying 1st by a good amount was a goal, not how it was going to be, besides at 2 word cups this year he has qualified 1st by big amounts.


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