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Battle Royal Warm Up Videos

Battle Royal Warm Up Videos

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Steve Peat’s 10th and possibly last Battle Royal is going down this weekend at Doncaster, a time when the pedals are swapped for petrol.

DirtTV will be sleeping in the back of a van with an old z50 to film the event for you but in the mean time here is some moto action to get you fired up for the experience.

First up: The highlights from the recent MXDN in Italy. Battle Royal could look a bit like this. For more Moto smells check out MotoMagazine

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Next up we have the actuall Battle Royal from 2006, this is Sunday when it’s MiniBike mayhem.

Below we have the trailer for a new film called:Epic. Once you get past the long tedious intro the film looks hot hot hot.

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  1. ryan woods

    americans are the tats

  2. iron bike tyson

    I think that guy right at the end of the last one bit his handlebars.

  3. hae ass the mad street fighter

    first proper bit of MX ive seen, looks sweet. minted whips, yewww


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