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Australian Nationals: Hill Beats Brosnan/Results

Australian Nationals: Hill Beats Brosnan/Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sam Hill finds his form at Awaba for round 4 of the Australian National Series. Troy wins the overall series.

Elite mens podium. Photo: MTWMedia

Sam Hill finally usurps his team mate Troy Brosnan and takes the win at final round of the Australian National series at Awaba, New South Wales.

Brosnan, who wrapped up the series overall title, had been looking unbeatable winning three races form three and also went fastest in qualifying. But just two weeks before the first World Cup race at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Sam Hill put it all together and beat his TLD/Monster/Specialized teammate.

Good to see Mitch Delfs up on the box in 3rd.

Tracey Hannah didn’t race, preferring instead to focus on preparation for World Cup round one.

The mistake that possibly cost Troy Brosnan four wins out of four races.

Full results at www.onlineresults.com.au/

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  1. cooke

    good on him nice to see hill has it in him still
    looks an interesting world cup if he is up there with troy and we all know how rapid troy is

  2. Andy

    How come the sponsors are never listed next to their names?

  3. Wolly

    to many to list

  4. Leon

    Did T.hannah not race ?

  5. dan j

    that guy on the right obviously doesn’t know the ‘one arm in the air podium pose’, must be pretty unpopular now

  6. Turpy

    Good to see Sam back on top in such a stacked field. With hitting form so close to the start of the season should be an ace WC.

  7. Josh

    Connor Fearon is smashing it!

  8. 4xlego

    The question is do I pick Hill for the fantasy league or Brosnan…

  9. Vesa

    Why are the race run times so much faster than the qualifications? Did the track conditions change somehow?

  10. stacy kohut

    did troy crash in his race run?

  11. Down n Dirty
  12. Tino

    Sam is hungry to beat people. No PR Mr nice man BS, just wants to beat everyone. Like.

  13. Roby

    Great time for Sam to pick up his speed and show others that he is still hungry for a win and he can do it !!
    That man has a lot of to show in this up coming season !!

  14. Ralph

    Point being!?

    Brosnun is still King in the Castle.
    Hill gotta up his ante… even if it’s mere Ozi Nationals.

    Stacked field?

    Forgot his MONSTER Energy o’right!?
    Not holding can up on the podium… good for the sponsor innit.

  15. Skinny

    Brosnan crashed right in front of me, http://vimeo.com/37917579

  16. Chris

    @Ralph Not like he has a massive monster on his chest or anything…

  17. stacy kohut

    thanks skinny for the scoop.
    reality is a wonderfull thing.

  18. adude

    @vesa. Yes it did , very wet for seeding runs on Saturday.

  19. ddmonkey

    Not seen Mick Hannah at any of these races, is he injured, preparing for World Cups or something else?

  20. Jamie

    Mick was doing a big cross Australia ride with his Dad.

  21. dirt dodger

    Go On Sam, just in time – as suspected holding back until it counts, he is a pro and will show up prepared in 2012. . .No Graves?

  22. smith

    troy had a fair go at the tree with his head!!! quality noise!!


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