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Athertons: Four By Three Trailer

Athertons: Four By Three Trailer

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Clay Porter is back with a new Atherton series and some stunning cinematography!

Four By Three is an exclusive series of four short films about three unique athletes, produced and directed by Clay Porter for Red Bull Media House. The films focus on the individual talents and personalities that make up the world’s most famous mountain biking siblings, The Athertons.

Often seen as one entity, these films give new insight into the different sides and styles of Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton as individuals.

The four part series starts with a look at Rachel’s relationship with the fans at her home downhill World Cup race at Fort William in Scotland. We’ll see how Dan’s passion for racing has been renewed following his life threatening injury in 2010. The epic Free ride event, Red Bull Rampage, in Utah provides the stunning backdrop for Gee’s film, taking a look at how he manages his appetite for risk in the sport. The fourth and final film brings the three together as they reflect on their respective seasons at the place they call home in North Wales.

Amazing riding coupled with next level cinematography will define Four By Three and anticipation has already started to build ahead of the premier of the first episode on September 11th.

  1. Milo Runger-Field

    Dammit dan’s ending is intense! Looks awesome.

  2. Jack Zoers-Benstead

    so stoked a new series is being aired! it has been too long!!

  3. Daire

    Looks great but Red Bull HAVE to upgrade their video player as the quality is atrocious. Looking forward to this in HD hopefully!

  4. Greg

    You know, I’m stoked, you know, that there’s a stokingly stoked, you know new stoking, you know, new, you know, stoking, you know, film, you know, about, you know, the Athertons. You know. Stoked.

  5. bert

    The Athertons: Never knowingly out knowned.

    1. Leon

      You knows it!

  6. Ioan

    This should be fantastic, these three are now reaching their potential, making the Brits proud!!

  7. YourSoma

    so this looks like they are parting ways with marc beaumont?


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