Athertons continue to dominate the Downhill circuit - Llangollen Results: BDS

Dan Brown must be feeding the GT Crew their Weetabix! The Atherton’s are absolutely killing it this year. A pretty good result for Brendog too, who managed to grab the 3rd spot.

1st: Gee Atherton
2nd: Marc Beaumont
3rd: Brendan Fairclough
4th: Matt Stuttard
5th: Joe Smith


Men’s podium – Photo: BDS

Rach is slowly looking more and more comfortable on that top step, but Manon isn’t too far behind and has that top spot in her sights.

1st: Rachel Atherton
2nd: Manon Carpenter
3rd: Jess Stone
4th: Veronique Sandler
5th: Rachael Walker


Women’s podium – Photo: BDS

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  1. dirt dodger

    Harry Heath with 6th just off the podium again :-(


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