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Atherton Racing continues with Shimano

Atherton Racing continues with Shimano

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gee, Dan and Rach cement their allegiance with Shimano by signing a three year deal.

Atherton Racing and SHIMANO are thrilled to announce that they will continue their partnership for another three years.

Since 2008 the Atherton’s and SHIMANO developed in intense collaboration within the realm of Downhill and Gravity components. Atherton Racing have been instrumental in helping to develop both SHIMANO Saint and PRO components and we look forward to continuing this relationship. The knowledge and feedback that the Atherton’s have given us has been incorporated into the SHIMANO Saint group, as well as their own PRO Star Series. Despite the teams transition from Commencal to GT in 2012, the Atherton’s have remained faithful to SHIMANO.

Dan Brown: “We are excited to extend our collaboration with SHIMANO. They have been an excellent partner over the last years. Their outstanding quality material had a great influence on our performances. We trust their material blindly so we can focus on what is most important for us, push the limits!”

Manabu Tatekawa, marketing manager SHIMANO Inc.: “Together with Atherton Racing we are able to make incredibly strong, innovative, supreme and ravishing designed products for the Down Hill and Gravity scene. They test the SHIMANO Saint and PRO products immediately in competition and provide us with very detailed feedback. Because the Atherton’s rule in extreme sports (with over 50 professional victories and multiple World titles) they make extreme demands on our material. Together we make sure that it is the maximum you can get out of it.”

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  1. Jamie

    What’s the deal with Slugger? Will he still be riding SRAM or is he on the same package as Das Athertons?

  2. Pedro


    Seems Beaumont made the transition to Shimano, Fox suspension and ONE.

  3. dirt dodger

    makes sense as he is now part of Atherton GT so i assume all sponsors will align as per.

  4. Jamie

    Yeah. You’d think it would make sense for him too included in the ‘Team’ press releases too then.

  5. Brock

    Marc is looking very short in the team pic 😉

  6. dughead123

    The Atherton family just keeps growing!

  7. AndyB

    Its an old commencal pic-so no Mark

  8. billy

    How about…it’s only an Atherton/Shimano 3 year deal. Slugger may ride Shimano gear this year but hasn’t signed a 3year deal?

  9. Oli

    Atherton Racing need a kick up the A**E. If Marc Beaumont is part of the team(which he is) then all Press/Marketing/Advertising/Promotion should recognise the Shropshire Lad, and update accordingly. It seems like they are not. Which I think is unfair to slugger and negative to “Atherton Racing” as a whole.

  10. Eyeball Paul

    I’ll just wait until Shimano and Fox announce the Syndicate team, that’ll be a bit more exciting.

  11. CMDS

    Man, Sram is sure losing alot of athletes this year: Slugger, possibly the Syndicate and Greg Watts to name a few.

  12. Factory Olly

    Sram are’t losing due to the over bearing power of Shimano/ Fox, it’s more like shedding as Sram’s budget is all about skinny wheels and drop bars in 2012.

  13. j.b.

    are they still with leatt??the new vid of gee in cali hes just wearing that lovely moto lid

  14. Trig

    That dude in the middle looks a bit like an oriental version of Dan Brown!

  15. Hugh Jorifice

    there seems to be so many people out there making a big assumption that Marc B has come out of this with a shit deal….
    He is probably on better money than last year… he is on the same bike with a world class set up behind him again.. and he is riding with some top notch Brits…

    what a shit one……???

  16. Rupert

    Will Shimano be able to keep the tyres on this year though?

  17. 4xlego

    wheres marc?


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