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The Atherton Project Season 3 Episode 2

The Atherton Project Season 3 Episode 2

James Renwick James Renwick

After 7 months of training, Dan is finally ready to start racing again and chooses to do it at the second round of the British Downhill Series in Moelfre, Wales. It’s a good event to for him to ease himself back into the pressure of racing, ever mindful of taking extra care not to sustain another injury.

Then it’s back to the brand new Atherton Racing HQ in Llanhaeadr for a guided tour. Dan finally has a place of his own on the site, out of earshot of any fights between Gee and Rach. It’s kitted out with everything the team need to train, and manager Dan even has an office onsite to keep everyone focused on the goal – most of the time.

Still recovering from their respective injuries Dan and Rachel decide to sit out the opening world cup of the new season, heading instead to Loughborough University’s physiology department for some intense fitness testing. Meanwhile it’s left to Gee to represent the team as he starts his defence of the world cup series in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

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  1. Tom_

    I like how Dan almost breaks the university’s pushbike in the lab!

  2. Stu

    Bllody hell Dan Brown is looking very grey!! Must be the stresses of looking after the Athertons!

  3. thoughts of spell checker

    Dirt’s own Cunny on the Direction? Intersting hadn’t seen that on the first on.

    @Gee you need to get your self something a little more industrial for camera launching

  4. indian no skin

    The self important prick using his phone and looking into a camera, whislt driving down a motorway needs a firm slap to the face.

  5. carrot

    where’s friday randoms gone!

  6. Mike

    Brilliant again, loving Gee wiping the floor with the cat…

  7. Frankie

    Nice. Would be really interesting to see the test results!

  8. olliebongo

    titty app!!!! comic gold polish pete.lol

  9. tom

    he was using the phone hands free was he not? Isn’t that legal? whether it is or not still shouldn’t take awya from the fact that it was another great atherton project. i know its been said but its great to see dan back riding/racing

  10. Adam Cosgrove


  11. Ismyheartbruised?

    Lord Cunny on direction (as promoted by Mr Warner on Freecaster during helping out duties on there too).

    Project was something fun and new 2 years ago, now it’s boring and it’s same old stuff – firework stunts/cat et al. Plus Gee has stopped coming across as fun-loving, relaxed downhiller now just seems cocky and arrogant. The Specialized/Monster team vid the other day show a much cooler bunch of riders all down to Earth not obsessed with self-promotion. Peaty is still so modest and laid back even with his standing in the sport.

  12. Ismyheartbruised?

    … on the SC team too.

  13. Cookie

    Great episode as always. One thing though…
    How the hell are they still alive with their fascination with fireworks??

  14. BertWaschbaer

    Agree with bruised heart. This season is so contrived. Before it was like a fly-on-the-wall let’s follow the Atherton clan about now it’s just like a show with a format to follow and even the stupid/fun (depending on your slant) stuff seems staged.

  15. miguel fonseca

    you all bitch a little bit too much, no? cool streaming to get some additional action apart from the 4minute downs you see on freecaster. feels good to me ! :)

  16. Ismyheartbruised?

    @miguel fonseca – and that’s our prerogative, – no?

    It’s the Athertons themselves who asked for feedback of the new series on Twitter. We’re free to give it. If you only watch Freecaster and can’t make a WC, get yourself down to a BDS Series event or other national race series if you’re not in the UK.

  17. zak

    I’ll tell you what I think. I think, unless adam “douchebag” cosgrove is consistently beating Dan at races he should shut his cake hole!

  18. VonDH

    This link is more of the thing i like to see from the Athertons link to a different site sorry but worth watching http://wideopenmag.co.uk/news/10456/behind-the-scenes-at-fort-william-with-the-athertons

  19. Ismyheartbruised?

    Totally agree VonDH.

  20. dosher

    The AP is turning into a tired and clichéd production. It seems too contrived, a little staged. Can’t help but think that the tentacles of big business and big sponsorship have eroded the entertaining insight of two seasons ago. Needs more riding, more spontaneity and less bloody fireworks.

  21. dave

    what size supreme frame does Gee race on? Anyone. thanks

  22. cooke

    love how dan brown is on the dirt web site when he says hes workin


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