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Atherton GT proto spy shots from Combe Sydenham

Atherton GT proto spy shots from Combe Sydenham

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Gee Atherton, Rachel Atherton, Marc Beaumont and Taylor Vernon were all rocking the new proto GT downhill bike at rd1 of the Saracen BDS at Combe Sydenham this weekend and picked up three wins.

All were tight lipped on details of the stealth black bikes but Ron at the icecream van said: “It’s obviously aluminium…yes two strawberry cones please…you can see the welds…no flake ta…wonder if they’ll do a carbon version…” while Barry at the burger van pitched in with: “looks like a slightly modified i-Drive to me, I reckon those extra links are just for rigidity you know…no onions thanks…just a bit of Ketchup cheers…” Tarquin at the Sushi bar chimed in with: “…one Kazunoko and bit of squid please…I wonder if this is an alu version just to check the angles then a full carbon version later, maybe we’ll hear more at Sea Otter?”

What do you lot think?

Gee Atherton’s new machine.
The Portaloo Paparazzi get another shot.
finnish line
Still looks nice, even covered in mud.
finish area
Proto GT
Jet wash
The stealth machine getting a hosing down.
Rachel Northshore Rickshaw
Rachel Atherton on the other top secret bike…the Northshore Rickshaw

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  1. Terry from the Baked Spud Wagon

    Might be a mule, an aluminium test rig-then when they’re all happy bang it out in carbon. I do that with my potato fillings sometimes, test them out on a Maris Piper then when I’m happy I’ll go for the biggie, the King Edward.

  2. DeanL

    Looks interesting. The the BB attached to the rear triangle?

    1. Leon

      Yea connected via some linkage type thing , GT love thier I-drive ( or what ever its called now )

    2. Hancock

      The bb sits on it’s own linkage beneath the front triangle. When the swing arm goes up, it pulls the linkage and bb backwards to counter chain growth, but not nearly as much as it would if it were attached the swing arm.
      It’s a bit weird, but GT have used it for well over a decade now and it works.
      Bike looks lovely, but it needs a mud guard for that upper link and shock!

  3. Tino

    Shows good support to have the whole team including Taylor on one.

  4. tarquin

    looks like a Norco atomik

  5. Brian Pierce

    Best looking front fender yet!

  6. Johann

    What I’m curious about is its wheel size… Still 26″?

  7. edwin spilsbury

    I’ve never seen anything like it before, well, nothing like this. This bike is amazing! Just awesome.
    I really would like to get me one of those. I’m really impressed by this awesome GT bike. Wow,..

  8. spankie

    Looks really a lot like not bad.

  9. Joe

    I think it would be more interesting if GT weren’t doing a carbon version. I mean they’re such a big company and they’ve been making a carbon DH bike for so long I really can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t. Unless they thought they could do something better? Not all that likely but just a thought. It’s always cool when someone bucks the trend.

  10. JOBLO

    Pics of this were online a month ago

  11. jj

    looks ugly, it may not look like a trek, but this time thats not a good thing

  12. drippihippy

    so the King Edward is the superior spud?

  13. angus

    Is it just me or are there 2 sizeable dents in the chain stays? you can see in the first and second pictures

  14. Nial

    I was racing at Combe Sydenham, and was stood next to one of theses bikes. The lower link is a more compact I drive system. And the upper link is only there to add stiffness as the shock is bolted directly onto the swing arm, not the linkage. As for the wheel size I’m fairly sure it was 26 as my bike was next to it and they seamed to be the same but I am confident they would of tried 650b

  15. Gabe

    It looks like a Fury got put in an uglifying machine. And then had a linkage added to make it slightly more annoying to adjust your rebound settings. On the plus side it does look like the idrive bit is alot smaller and neater.


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