‘Ard Rock Enduro recap

The Rafferty brothers organised their first enduro race the other weekend, and by all accounts it sounds like it went down a treat…

The ‘Ard Rock Enduro took place on June 29th & 30th in Swaledale, North Yorkshire, and one of the main things that separated this race from all the other enduros that are popping up was the fact that all the tracks were 100% natural. With a total distance of over 40 Km it was a proper days riding with some long sections between the timed stages, but don’t let make you think it just for die hard racers as that couldn’t be further from the truth. The whole idea was to make the race fun for anybody and you could set off for each of the time stages whenever you wanted to, or if you really were a die hard racer then there was even the option to be timed over the entire course, not just during the ‘special stages’.

All in all it looks like the Rafferty boys put on a great event in an equally great location, and everyone left with a smile on their face…which is what enduro racing should be all about. Let’s hope they put on a few more of these races next year as they look to have come up with a great formula.

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