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Antidote Episode 2: Matt Simmonds, Joe Smith, Matt and Jono Jones

Antidote Episode 2: Matt Simmonds, Joe Smith, Matt and Jono Jones

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Part two of Antidote travels south to RoostDH in Spain with Matt and Jono Jones to ride everything from DH to trails, then catch up with them back at home.

We then go to North Wales and ride some flat out downhill tracks with Matt and Joe from the CRC/Nukeproof WC team.

Part 3 out next weekend with Sam Reynolds, Sam Pilgrim and Danny Hart.



Big thanks to Monster Energy and Giant Bicycles for making it happen and Mpora.com and Exempt clothing for supporting us.






  1. lozz

    is anyone else not getting a good frame rate? looks like 20-25fps at best

    1. skud

      same for me, cant watch it. first episode was the same :(

    2. Tinks

      Yep terrible, shaky and just skipping frames. SD/HD it doesn’t seem to matter

  2. ciprian-mtb

    soo stoked

  3. tazzer

    What’s the last song?

  4. thomann

    last song is by trouble andrew i believe.

  5. Tom Hoult

    Really enjoyed both episodes. I prefered this one though. Do you know how many episodes there will be?

  6. phil lips

    Cum in your booty!

  7. wtf

    ^ lol

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