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Antidote Ep1: Brendan Fairclough, Taylor Vernon and Rich Thomas

Antidote Ep1: Brendan Fairclough, Taylor Vernon and Rich Thomas

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray


Part one of Antidote is now live! In this first part of the film we show you the pace and difficulty of a world cup season and then catch up with one of the most talented riders in the world, Brendan Fairclough and see what he gets up to in the off season. He rides some short travel, some DH, and as ever sends some big whips.

We then head west to Wales and catch up with new young gun Taylor Vernon who has signed with GT this season and Rich Thomas, who as well as racing world cups and riding semi professionally also holds down a full time job.

Have a look at what these guys do in the winters, and get pumped with the first DH WC only weeks away.

Part 2 out next weekend with Matt and Jono Jones, and Matt Simmonds and Joe Smith.


Big thanks to Monster Energy and Giant Bicycles for making it happen and Mpora.com and Exempt clothing for supporting us.





  1. TimBud

    Hype- achieved.

    Brendog killed it… what a segment.

  2. Deano

    What’s the song on brendogs edit where he’s on the Gambler anyone :)?????

  3. Skud

    is the video stuttering for anyone else? playback isn’t so smooth for me :(

    1. DHZ

      Yes I had the same. Riding looks great but it was hard to watch.

      1. Skud

        was doing my head in after a couple of mins had to turn it off :(

  4. Tf

    Personally thought the video was terrible. Too many special effects, slow mo and trying to make it fit the music.

    Good camera work but end result wasn’t great.

  5. James

    Really didnt enjoy that at all. Very clumsy throughout e.g. the fire crackling when brendog is talking is really distracting, people and bags in the background of shots, most of it seemed under-exposed. for me, a very poor video!!

  6. Andy

    Thought this was absolutely awesome! Don’t know where all the hate is coming from, thought the editing was to a high standard, music choice was good and the fade between the two tunes in Brendon’s section was particularly good.

    I’m not sure if somethings up with the encoding though because on the big sweeping shots there’s a bit of stutter

  7. OliC

    quality video,
    a lot of potential as this guy learns his trade.

    the drop at 1m58 was great!

  8. Alex

    That was too good! How can I wait until the next installment.

  9. majorbob

    i try a solution :

    it would be great to have subtitles. i could watch it without sound because personnaly i don’t like dubstep. and nobody will complain ever!

    great riding!

  10. Dorny

    Who really cares on the quality of the filming or the editing or if a squirrel ruined a shot.
    It’s just made me want to get out and drift my bike around in some mud, that’s all a bike video needs to do.

  11. panzer

    Going to agree with majorbob the music was fully shit

  12. Cool+Hand+Luke

    I thought we’d gotten past the age of shit dubstep in every video, :-/

  13. Alexander Landazuri Ayala

    What is the name of the songs please specialy in the min 4

  14. rossiechoppers

    The first tune is State of Mind – Real McCoy. Massive tune. Dubstep?

  15. Pete

    Because now everyones an expert in video editing nowadays…? Joeys…


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