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Alex Rankin World Champs Friday Preview

Alex Rankin World Champs Friday Preview

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Great preview of the “biggie” from the Rankster and Warner with interviews just after mens timed practice.

  1. Andy

    Awesome, Joy Division, good choice!

  2. nub

    Yeeeeaaaah! Finally a Champery vid! Thanks guys, that’s a good build up for tomoz :)

  3. nub

    Is anyone else having trouble login in to frecaster? I’m trying to buy the access to tomorrow’s race, but I can’t even log in. It just asks me to log in again and again. I’m pretty sure of what my login and password are, cause I have them written down since I registered, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

  4. Carl

    Awesome, thanks to everyone who made this vid happen!!! Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Hope Matti is good to go tomorrow and good luck to everyone. May the fastest man and bike win!!!

  5. chris

    I really dont like freecaster. IT never works properly. they need to sort out their system badly. they need it to work like mpora or youtube. and the fact it is called FREEcaster and you have to pay to watch the champs is annoying.
    i think it is time for their IT crowd to sort out their videos so it works e.g. like this one ↑

  6. Leon

  7. AD

    hey Chris, we had problems with freecaster and then was told that our phone line was too long(25ft). We put a ten footer on there and now it works great. I can’t even begin to explain that. Hope that helps

  8. Jamazepam

    Parkin Bros, take note!Rankin is the master!

  9. AA

    Holy shit totally missed fotage like this from the legend himself Rankin! Bring earthed back!


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