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Aaron Gwin wins Val di Sole WC 2012! Full Results.

Aaron Gwin wins Val di Sole WC 2012! Full Results.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin destroyed the Val di Sole race track, taking the win by an insane 7 seconds!!!

Unbelievable! Aaron Gwin just gave the world a lesson in to how to ride downhill fast. Beating Greg Minnaar by nearly 8 seconds on a track this rough just blows the mind!

Gwinny said afterwards: “I just put in a solid run, I knew is was gonna be tough. It’s a really rough track so I had to stay patient and try to focus on my riding not on the race run. It was almost like being on autopilot, but I guess all the good runs are like that.”

As Warner put it: If that was Gwin being patient I’d hate to see him when he was in a hurry!

Great result for Berny Kerr in 13th.
Lapierre boys were flying, Bruni Loic, fastest junior up there in 11th, good return to form for Cam Cole on the podium in 5th and team mate Blenky in 8th.

First year junior Richie Rude is going to be a force to be reckoned with. 21st spot after laying it down is amazing.

Click for full results: DHI_ME_Results

Click for full standings: 42220_DHI_ME_Standings

DHI ME Results

42220 DHI ME Standings

  1. ddmonkey

    Gwin looks like the film has been sped up, bonkers.

  2. wilkjd29

    almost 8 seconds! LOOK AT THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. optimus doddsy

    gob smacked

  4. ddmonkey

    Berny Kerr in 13th, great result.

  5. le jacques

    Gwin is the next Vouilloz! Alienesque!

  6. Dirtmonsta

    Minnaar’s run is some of the best bike riding I’ve ever seen. Then Gwin came down. Insane.

  7. r mac

    agree with all above

  8. Pete

    Really can’t see Gwin getting beaten at many races this year. Minnaar is fast, but Gwinny is on another level.

  9. Justin Time

    Fantastic Result for Ruaridh Cunningham. Hand operations 2 weeks ago, heavy head cold, full of antibiotics, no front brake from half way down and 23rd place!

  10. Dave

    32nd, who cares?

  11. Dave

    23 who cares?

  12. woodrat

    cos its 600 places better than you would come and coulda been good for top ten without the problems

  13. Stubacca

    Missed half of Gwins run because of cameramans pervy eye.

  14. Bedders

    Missed all of everyone’s runs as the feed wouldn’t work for me :-(

  15. iceman2058

    Missed a bunch of boob shots cause the cameramen wouldn’t stop filming the stupid bikes.

  16. Out of touch

    I haven’t been following the downhill world cup races very closely for the last few years, what has happened to Sam Hill? Has he just slowed down does he have an injury? Congrats to Gwin.

  17. Bedders

    my laptop and the redbull website just don’t want to know each other. can anyone suggest any diagnostics I could try to see what’s wrong? i’ve deleted browsing history, cookies, cache etc but as soon as I try to watch anything on redbull.tv it crashes! Help!

  18. Brentstyle

    Great example of racing today! However, I’m a bit worried about CG – one of my favourite riders. Are rumours true he has indeed broken his legs and pelvis?

  19. dirkenstein

    i have to say, cracking feed red bull. Gwin is amazing, fair play to gee and beaumont.. and rach, cracking runs the lot of you. be proud. aaaAnd BERNARD KERR right? belter lad!

  20. ronin

    gwin is all about speed. hot, nasty, bad-ass speed

  21. cooke

    gwin was rapid but hills run :0 ridiculasly wild think he deserved to win with that

  22. AD

    Man, what color is the sky in your world.


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