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Aaron Gwin On The Year Ahead

Aaron Gwin On The Year Ahead

Aaron Gwin talks about his move to Specialized and his thoughts for the forthcoming season, and if any of his competition were hoping that he’s slower on the new bike then judging by the riding in this video they’re going to be out of luck.

I don’t know about you lot, but I can’t wait for the season to start.

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  1. Hancock

    As long as he has better luck than Sam and Brendan did…

    1. Ed

      Yeah I’ve always thought that it’s a bit of a risky move signing a rider who’s at the top of their game, especially when it’s someone who has been as dominant as Gwin. I mean if he doesn’t have the same level of success on the new bike people will probably think it’s the bikes fault, even if that isn’t the reason. And on the other hand if he continues in the same dominant fashion people might just think ‘well Gwin can win on anything’. Tricky one…

  2. Leon

    Imagine his salary right now…fair play to him !

  3. Hampson

    Holy smokes, gwin is fast! Is it just me or is there a bit of Bredawg lingering around in that bike and the style gwin was ripping out..

  4. h

    He came across well in that interview and his riding looked better and more exciting on the specialized. Troy Lee kit looked so so much better than that horrible bell/royal stuff he had at Trek too

  5. Miguel Queiros

    Are you implying that the bike is responsible for the bad results of those two? I mean, Hill was champ on a Demo…

    1. Hancock

      Not at all, a combination of bad luck, injury and (seemingly) a lack of support from the team are what nailed Hill and Fairclough.
      Although if you’re feeling conspiratorial, Hill took far more wins on the old ‘huck bike’ Demo than he did on the current one…

  6. g

    can finally look at gwin and not want to vomit at the gear he has to wear

  7. panzer

    Not forgetting it is not the same team Sam and Brendog were on…..same bike.

  8. Ronin

    The kid is rapid as fcuk! Diggin the ninja kit as well.

  9. Tombola

    Massive tyres!

  10. randy

    Think ive worked out why he is so fast its because hes super chilled out. It means everything seems slow for him.


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