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Aaron Gwin Fastest Leogang World Cup Qualifier:Results

Aaron Gwin Fastest Leogang World Cup Qualifier:Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

World Cup qualifying is still going on in Leogang but Aaron Gwin looks unbeatable at the moment

Aaron Gwin seems to having so much fun on his bike right now. And when you have fun you go fast. Very fast.

3 seconds up on Gee and nearly 8 on Stevie Smith, Aaron Gwin is on fire this season.

The rain which has been threatening all morning held off for most of qualifying though it is starting to drizzle now.

257 riders is a hell of a lot of riders to get through ,but we’ll bring you the final complete results when it’s over.
Click for full Leogang Downhill mens qualifying results

Aaron Gwin, on fire right now!

Gee Atherton 2nd.

Steve Smith said he came here looking for a podium. 3rd in quali is a good way to start.

Fabien Barel 4th

Justin Leov, had a few big moments, 6th. Look out for him tomorrow.

Danny Hart, 4th and 5th and the splits, then messed up the bottom section for 10th

Greg Minnaar, 8th. Work to do tomorrow.

Sam Hill 15th on a track we expected him to dominate.

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  1. Joe Smith

    Got to love the world cup this year, should be yet another exciting race tomorrow!!!

  2. tom

    troy brosnan is on fire this year!

  3. elcielo

    Steve Smith FTW!!!

  4. Alex

    Where can we follow the qualif in live please ?

  5. TomD


  6. sws

    Is Hill even trying this year?

  7. Tobias

    uci live timing. must be bloody wet up there results look really messed up


  8. Tim

    In timed training 8 seconds split the top 26, but here the top 3. If the weather hasnt played a part (bear in mind Hart was 6 seconds slower today than timed trainig – did he crash?) then Gee and Gwin are so far ahead of the rest its unreal. If Gwin holds it together to win tomorrow you cant help but expect him to dominate this season and probably the next.

  9. jack

    Gracia needs to pull his shit together in the finals… he’s pushing out some great qualies!

  10. Tobias

    wow its bone dry this world cup season is shaping up to be very exciting =D

  11. Melbourn

    Steve Smith looks like he had a flyer coming from 14th at the first split to finish in 3rd. This guy deserves to be on the box so hopefully he can keep it together in the finals.

  12. Tinks

    I love it when Gracia is fire but it’s even better when he knows he hasn’t got podium and just ROCKS IT! No handers, Whips, whatever next! The man is a legend FACT!

  13. sam

    peaty and hill need to pull their fingers out for my fantasy team to do well

  14. johnnyboy

    Man, Cedric just needs to take one of these WC finals seriously and see what kind of damage he can do! Word up to Klausmann & Peaty to round off all the O.G. DH racers from back in the day still throwing it down!

    Also: Go Steve Smith!

  15. Mushik

    What happened with Brook MacDonald?

  16. ppp

    Wow look at the difference in the eyes on Gwin and Hill…

  17. Ricky.

    ‘da fuck, Sam?

  18. dirtybirdracing

    brendan! fairclough! bummer to see him so far back. i hope he knee is holding up ok.

  19. Tobias

    brook got wild and went otb

  20. enri

    really guessing what peaty and hill have done this offseason..just out of pace right now

  21. TomD

    Funny how times change. Watched Earthed 5 the other day, the season where Hill seemed to win everything and had all the other racer’s scratching their heads, guess he knows how they felt now. Although Champery is still to come…

  22. TomP

    Surely were seeing a situation where some of the top guys who should be performing better than they are, simply haven’t put the hours in training this off season that others have.

  23. T-Dog

    Watching dirt tv gwin looks faster through the sections, his bike is working awesome.

    Hill i am gutted with, what is up? has he lost the fire? 15th is shocking for him that is fo sho

  24. gareth

    Well Hill’s been getting over injuries and getting back into it, Peaty isn’t as young as he used to be and lets face it- The young guns are starting to step it up. Everyone knows that your never on top for ever!!! It’s looking good for a season of the unexpected. Even Gee, Brendan and Greg are deemed as the old boys of the circuit now!!!!
    By all means, I know Peaty Hill and the others are not out of it but with the progression of other riders on the circuit, it’s a proper scrap for the top shelf this season.

  25. ten

    imo ppl forget that Mr. Hill was only 4,5 seconds back in Ft Bill. I’ll wait for the finals.

  26. Pedro

    @TomD, me too, watched f1rst documenting 07 season when Hill was absolutely dominating and it seems this season resembles 07, but its Gwin on top dominating leaving everyone else wondering how hes going so fast!!
    Really bummed for Hill, was truly expecting seeing him on top on Leogang, but by the looks of it, its gonna be hard, lets see what tomorrow brings.
    On the other hand, stoked for Pombo making it to the finals in such a stacked field!

  27. J

    Still would’nt be surprised if hill takes the win, think he’s holding back for finals just like he used to.

  28. chajcu

    where’s connor fearon?

  29. giles

    Think Hill will dominate tommorow

  30. Lee

    Check out Dan Atherton up over 20 places from last weekends quali. Top work Dan, great to see you back and getting faster!!!

  31. craig

    j u dont hold back wen there is 50points up for grabs. pretty sure hill is top tech rider in the field

  32. johnny
  33. VonDH

    Sure there are 50 points up for grabs,and the top of the overalls will be maybe trying to grab a few extra points.
    then there are the other top and up and coming riders that know by kicking the shit outta of it today and could take a injury doing so, would rather give it their all tomorrow.

    Tomorrows race is going to reflect this

  34. cooke

    yay brendon made quli i hope he can do better tomorow

  35. iloper

    GRACIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE WIN!!!

  36. Chris

    Gwin’s approach to this season is amazing. Train hard over winter, strict diets all that stuff and then chill out and enjoy the races, knowing you’re physically in the best place possible.

  37. kimbers

    a good downpoor migt liven things up

    how would gwin cope with in the mud and would hill be able to raise him game again

  38. maverickdh05

    Well I eat my words, Gwin is in it to win it dawg, @ Chris great points. All that JT knowledge, diet, training and new bike definitely have brought a new level to DH? Gee, GM are always prepped, Smith, Hart have risen well but to me on a level of Gee and GM re speed, others don’t seem as prepared even to last years level. GW mistake free I can’t see anyone hanging with him. GW +3sec on Gee, its an amazing leap forward in this depth of field? Quali’s r important these days, the difference to Gee and GM last year 4 2010 overall.
    Note the speed times as well GW a 53.9 only other 53 was Mitch Delfs 53.1 Gee 51.3, Steve 49.6, Fab 52.1, Hill 51.7 mean anything nah but interesting still.

  39. maverickdh05

    And what of Floriane Pugin shes on it and ERagot who came on strong seems off this year so far, Tracey is ready to pounce and Rachel I hope does well and stays healthy, so talented and fast and great quali for JillK and Transition.

  40. Ronin

    I am ready for “mini (Keith) Moon” Hart highlight reel! Hill, Gwin, Hart. Ready for RW’s head to explode!

  41. Steve D Rodríguez

    Decent run for Marcelo Gutierrez representing Latin America! He’s beating some big names! Must be well chuffed.

  42. bozo

    Hill was fat in three minute gaps,
    no training for him and now he’s getting smoked.
    Too much of the good life. Maybe a thrashing this season and his specialized contract will give him some motivation to get off the couch next off season.


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