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Aaron Gwin and Jill Kinter win Sea Otter Downhill

Aaron Gwin and Jill Kinter win Sea Otter Downhill

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Aaron Gwin wins the Sea Otter downhill on his Specialized Enduro 29er by 0.01 of a gnat’s cock from Mick Hannah.

The top 6 were all on the same second, just 0.4 of another gnat’s genitals. Never mind different wheel sizes, maybe with times that tight the skin suits need to come out again.

Jill Kinter added to her Dual gold and took the ladies win on her Norco Sight 650b by two seconds from Tracy Moseley. Rachel Atherton took a big slam in practice and chose to sit out the race.

Full results are on the Sea Badger webber here.

Stay tuned for full DirtTV coverage coming soon!

 Photo: Sean Cope
Photo: Sean Cope


  1. Sarah Wylie

    Wow, Richie Rude looks good for his age!

  2. billy

    The Golden Years!

  3. Terrid

    Skin suits, are you mad??? You talk as if this were a sport where every millisecond counts! Duh. Bet you feel like a right tit now?

    1. gabe

      honest question…. i have never used a skin suit so i don’t know, but it strikes me that a high speed dismount followed by stylish ragdoll through sharp rocks etc. is going to hurt a hell of a lot more in a lycra skin suit than in tough mx baggies? I know armour can be worn in skinsuits but there are always gaps in the armour. Perhaps im wrong saying lycra isn’t as protective, anyone know for sure? perhaps the skinsuit ban wasn’t only a fashion thing. Seems unfair to make pro’s risk an injury not through lack of skill, but through lack of protection, just to keep up with the next nutter.

  4. ronin

    is there a statue of peaty yet @ dirt hq?

  5. promeu

    Aaron won with an Enduro? Sure? It’s only 150mm. But can fit 29er… There’s something I don’t understand.


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