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A Racer's Dream by Hutchinson UR - Extract 1: Injuries

A Racer's Dream by Hutchinson UR - Extract 1: Injuries

On the 18th of December the Hutchinson UR team will be releasing their much anticipated “A Racer’s Dream” film, but to mark the countdown to that they will be releasing three extracts, of which this is the first.

This extract focusses on Tracey Hannah’s broken leg that she suffered at the World Cup in Val d’Isère last year, and gives you an insight in to what Tracey had to overcome to get back on the podium. The 14 months leading up to her bronze medal in Pietermaritzburg were definitely not the easiest for her: 3 operations, 1 broken femur, 3 broken collarbones, bruised ribs and a broken toe were what she had to deal with before she could get back to racing.

Stay tuned for the rest of the teasers…

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  1. Dirt dodger

    They make great vids, this should be well worth seeing.

  2. Mutly

    RESPECT 2u Tracey


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