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4X Pro Tour - Watch live Qualifying here.

4X Pro Tour - Watch live Qualifying here.

So we’re at the 4th round of the 4X Pro Tour, this time we’re visiting JBC 4X Revelations in the Czech Republic. This track was built by the 4X legend that is Thomas Slavik, and takes 4X racing to a new level it should make for some super exciting racing. And you can watch the live feed from qualifying right here at 16.00.

Thomas Slavik takes us for a spin down the track, from yesterdays practice.

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  1. john

    does anyone miss 4x at the world cups? (tumble weed roles by)

    1. marc


  2. Florian Gärtner

    Nothing more. Send XCE back home.

  3. Tom

    World cups are boring without 4x…

  4. Mr Powermutant

    Woohoo :) Replay :(

    Finally some full coverage 4x


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