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25 Days Of Christmas: Day three Jeff Steber

25 Days Of Christmas: Day three Jeff Steber

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We ask Mr Intense, Jeff Steber what he wants for Christmas.

Jeff Steber: I have been a good boy this year & worked really hard so I am going to be a bit selfish on this one.

I want the new ” Frame builder thingamajigonator 2000″ the pro kit with rear fixture module & 6.6.0 hardware update & the 10 TB unicorn expansion card & suspension modulator module 2.0.
And world peace of course!!

Cheers, JS

Ps, if I could get a swim with Dolphins , that would take the cake!
Pss, if it can only be one then the ” Frame builder thingamajigonator 2000 ”

Artists impression of the " Frame builder thingamajigonator 2000" with added Dove for World Peace and complimentary dolphin.
  1. neilB

    Be fab if that frame thingama-jig would put an end to those Intense alignment/ build quality issues folk keep “forum ranting” about.
    Os is it JUST forum nerds getting it wrong? I’d love to know.
    I’ve always wanted an Intense. Right back since the early 90’s when I bought some Birkies from Jeffs then girlfriend in San Luis Obispo – wow, that was back in the day ;-).
    As Jonesy loves the SS2 so much I am SOOOO tempted.
    Come on. Someone tell me they are as beautifully built [i.e. well aligned] as they look and the bearings are good for UK slop?

  2. rat

    jeff’s the man

  3. GoPro

    I wouldn’t listen to the forum nerds too much – I’ve had two Intenses (M3 and M9), and know a lot of others that have had them, with no alignment issues. I think there is a lot of haters out there that have never ridden one let alone owned one. Don’t worry, they’re just jealous.

  4. mikebarr

    Forums are .00001% of the buying public, and the chatty, whiney bunch. Granted, I live in california, bay area, so I see a lot of Intense’s out on the trail and people are quite happy with them.
    Good bikes.
    Now if that thingamajig could produce them in root beer!


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