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2014 Vivid R2C Shock - First Look Video

2014 Vivid R2C Shock - First Look Video

RockShox don’t just officially introduce their new Vivid shocks, they also reveal the most bonkers marketing strategy ever! There’s also some pretty rad riding and slow-mo footage…

Now I can’t believe for one second that RockShox are serious about only allowing the top riders in the world to by one of their shocks, and it’s not the 1st of April yet, so that must mean that the idea was dreamt up by some crazy marketing person who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to try and tell potential customers that they’re too shit to ride one of these products. I bet it’s raised a few eyebrows within RockShox as well as the public. Bonkers!

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if this ‘pro rider only’ policy doesn’t last for very long. Maybe until they’ve got a load off the production line? Anyway, what do you reckon to this kind of marketing strategy? Does it put you off buying this product, or do you now want it even more?

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  1. bling bling

    Whoever thought of this Vivid “anti-marketing” campaign is a plonker.

    1. Ed

      …who I’m guessing now has a very red face!

  2. H

    I’m not good enough for your product? That’s ok, I’ll just spend my money on your competitors products instead. Also if your product has better performance than the previous one, I don’t see why you need to be a pro rider to benefit from that. Better traction and sensitivity is better traction and sensitivity no matter who is riding it. Looks like my next shock will be a fox or cane creek! Well done RS

  3. part time

    Awwww, diddums, little dose of home truth upsetting everyone is it?

  4. robbonzo

    Its a shame the marketing ‘Strategy’ has got in the way because it looks like a great product, seems to have pissed off ALOT of people over on Pinkbike. And anyway, that top 3% of riders would probably all get them for free.

  5. oldskullpete

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Instead of a company selling you something thats guaranteed to be better tHan the rest, using the latest world cup tech and blah blah blah they’ve been honest and told the general public that they won’t really benefit from the tech in there flagship shock yet. Its like mercedes selling us there latest f1 car to go racing a local series in. Most people won’t get close enough to the performance envelope it’s designed to deliver in to make it work. I’m sure they’re going to be unpopular for telling it like it is but there you go.

    1. David Jaquin

      Surely a lot of marketing is based on the aspirational nature of our sport? “Mr X rides that and he goes fast, I’ll buy that and it might make me go a bit faster”

      This is by no means the first product that most of us will never feel the full benefit of as we are not world class riders? That doesn’t stop us from wanting to own it though?

      And who can say its better than the rest if no one can ever get to ride it? I admit not everyone has the sensitivity in their riding to appreciate the nuances of suspension performance but for all we know it might be exactly the same as the current shock…

      1. oldskullpete

        Having said what I said, it might just be really clever marketing to create a frenzy of people that want the unobtainable and when they can ffinally get it, it will be gone off the shelves like hot cakes. Either way I still like to think that they just understand it won’t help 97% of people and arent giving them the option to buy it. Therefore helping them not spend money in something that they dont need until it’s ready for the masses.

  6. robbonzo

    Hasn’t D-riff just joined Sram Marketing…

    1. Bob

      Hahaha, in which case it looks like D-Riff’s marketing strategy, is almost as good as his last couple of years of World Cup results.

      D-Riff: “I’ve got a great idea why don’t launch a new product by alienating 97% of our target market”

      Mr Rockshox: “Why Duncan, that’s a brilliant plan! While we’re at it, let’s make loads of expensive videos and send out loads of press releases about how great our product, that nobody can buy, is!”

      The Rockshox guys, really should smoke crack broad meetings.

  7. Desk Jockey

    Doesn’t really sound like something a rider like him would do…

    Worth mentioning how welcoming Cane Creek are as a company, those guides that help with shock tuning were a stroke of marketing genius.

  8. Hancock

    In the past, haven’t Rockshox/SRAM always put new products out in the order of Product developers-Blackbox Teams-Sponsored Riders-Joe Public anyway?
    It seems really weird to be making a huge fuss about it this time. Although the most reliable way to drum up demand is to tell someone they can’t have something, so maybe they’re onto something.

    1. burns

      The “top-secret” blackbox-programme is also just a marketing tool to create desire. It suggests that the legendary technology in those black-stancioned forks will eventually tickle down in production forks where in reality it’s just an ordinary boxxer with new seals and a different shimstack. It also suggests that suspension technology is rocket-science and the hypey-hypey-wannabe-racers will buy it and paint their stanctions black in advance.

  9. DeanL

    How many folk riding UK trails see the benefit the majority of high end products? Fox pulling a shiny gold coating on their forks, carbon this and carbon that…

    Not many I suspect.

    How many people buy a bike, component or clothing cos their fav rider uses it, lots of people, that how’s marketing works!

    To say this product is top notch but your not getting it cos you’re a weekend warrior is crazy, I might be a weekend warrior but I’ve got money to burn and want the latest stuff!

    Marketing suicide!!

  10. dreg

    Did you lot go to schools where “everyone was a winner” at sports day? Come first or last you all got a prize… Harden the fuck up people! Its a video, they are taking the piss, get over it.

  11. Mike

    they’re gonna do well on this one, maximum 70 sales! that won’t even cover the salary of the guy who came up with this idea…

  12. Simon Lingard Woods

    13+ responses since the film went up and a link on all of Dirt’s social feeds. When was the last time a product feature on Dirt got this level of reaction?

    I don’t think the intention of this part of the campaign is to get people to ‘like’ the company, just get people talking about something they normally wouldn’t. I’m a total bike tech luddite but I just sat through a 4min film selling me the tech behind the shock – something I’ve never done before. Provided the product is as good as they claim, this has the makings of a very strong marketing campaign. Not one everyone will like but it’ll shift a lot of fancy springs…

  13. Ben

    Pure brilliance. This isn;t a short term marketing plan put in place for one product. It says a shed load about the brand (whether true or not), and if they keep it strong, people will still be tlaking about this in years. It adds a level of exclusivity, without using a daft pricing stratergy. And, in 3 or 4 years time, people won’t refer to it as a marketing stratergy – people will only see it that Rock Shox make products above and beyond the average Joe. It’s not bonkers at all. It get’s hype now, and leaves a legacy.

  14. Zero Cool

    Fact – People want what they can’t have.
    Fact – People hate being told they aren’t good enough and want to prove them wrong.
    Fact – people want the toys that the big guns have
    Fact – people think that the best toys WILL make them faster/better
    Fact – SRAM usually know what they’re doing and

  15. Zero Cool

    Fact – People want what they can’t have.
    Fact – People hate being told they aren’t good enough and want to prove them wrong.
    Fact – People want the toys that the big guns have
    Fact – People think that the best toys WILL make them faster/better
    Fact – The same people that bitch about how bad this marketing ploy is will probably end up running this or something similar (if they can afford it)
    Fact – Someone at SRAM gets paid a lot of money to be good at marketing and understanding how consumers work.

  16. PumptrackTim

    The ‘you cant come’ technique worked for Cartmans water park in South Park; I wonder if that’s where they got the idea?

  17. Dunf

    The best part of the video is at 03.12 that table!! “are accountants said just sell it to anyone, we hate that idea” …. haha

  18. Rockcocks

    By saying 99 % of people won’t feel it’s full effect I think they are saying ‘ its unnoticeably better than the last but we will just go ahead and say it better anyhow’.

    Either way, I’m happy flying through the travel on my fox for now.

  19. Rockcocks

    Zero cool… Your a moron .. It’s clearly pissed people off.

  20. jokke

    From the rockshox facebook page:
    ( a hour ago)

    The RockShox Vivid and Vivid Air will be available to all at your local bike shop and distributor starting May 2013. The new Counter Measure, Dual Flow Adjust Rebound, and Rapid Recovery technologies in the all new Vivid and Vivid Air are just too good not to share with anyone and everyone who wants to ride the most advanced piece of rear suspension ever made by RockShox. There are already numerous top professional athletes racing it and more than 30 of the world’s leading bike manufactures who will be equipping it globally.

    I really dont think that this was a good move from rockshox’s side, as i guess alot of people are getting really pissed. But hey, should be interesting how people react! Go FOX suspension!

  21. Bez

    Hey RockShox, how about selling your next shock to certified hardtail riders?

  22. sx trail 2

    I’ve had noting but problems with RockShox. Horrible seals, cracking noises from shoddy tolerances between the steer tube and crown, U-turn dialling down to shorter and shorter travel while doing downhill runs, lost the red anodised rebound knob on the the hill on the first day of lift access riding, mission control circuits spilling there guts, incorrect oil levels from the factory causing failure, and oil pissing all over the stanchions just to enumerate a few. What’s more RockShox can keep their rubbish and elite uber poo too. I’m all for my 66 ti evo rc3 or DVO in the near future. There, I feel better now.

  23. fereno

    sorry i didnt get it, whats new? the shock or the marketing manager? 😉

  24. Randy Geniec

    I’m too fast for this shock anyway…because I am a SUPER PRO…lol…

  25. dirt dodger

    hmmmmm, not so clever but definitely downright annoying. It’s a pretty obvious statement that the vast majority of people will never get the best from the product, those same people (most of us) don’t get the best from an RP23, Vivid, Stoy, CCdb etc etc so please if you are going to try so hard then perhaps go that little bit further and try harder to be smarter. Personally i couldn’t care less about the counter measure bo#*ox anyway as it sounds to me like high and low speed rebound, which i have had for years now on a shock that IS AVAILABLE to all who want it. Can you guess which one? Rock shox Vivid RC2 with pro buy in only – HAHAAAAA who really cares? I would rather a black and gold unit that doesn’t require multiple services every 2nd season.

  26. Tom

    Anyone who can’t see that this a brilliant bit of marketing is a retard, just look at how much it’s getting everyone hyped up talking about it! Genius IMO.
    It not far off just being Blackbox stuff that they’re telling us all about, but instead of SRAM riders only getting it, it’s all Elite riders. We all wish we were Elite riders, so if you/a mate were to ever get our hands on something ‘Elite only’, it’s pretty cool. We want it.
    Treat em mean, keep em keen has never been so apt!
    Pretty short-sighted to come out with ‘it’s Marketing suicide’…

  27. Gareth

    You’re all talking about it so they are the winners. Now it’s being released to everyone (didn’t see that coming boys and girls), people will still buy this product with.

    1. dirt dodger

      Tom, Gareth, that is what they want people like you to think. Just because people are outraged by, and talking about it does not mean they will buy into it! People are talking about Syria amongst other disasters – are you over there fighting? Are you taking to the streets collecting money to assist children and families in poverty and destruction? I did not think so. This is very juvenile and simple marketing trying to use reverse psychology in a very bad way, using the messages in the way they have may get people talking but I would like to see if their 2013/2014 sales figures actually go up or if it is just the amount of times that rockshox comes up in SEO statistics.

  28. wildy

    Hey, this new counter measure there going on about !! is it they’ve made steps to ensure every shox they sell isn’t riddled with fualts just like there 2010 Boxxer range was ? or the miss or hit issues people have with the Reverbs.

  29. Siress

    “…so advanced that most riders will never reap the […] benefits…” Soooo….it doesn’t intransigently improve performance. Then why are we here? Is this a product development group or service provider? If it’s a service provider dealing with reciprocating mass and dampening, it seems like prostitution to me. Requires a “pro license” to participate? Oh, so it’s like legit porn… damn.

    “Previously, engineers have always believed that the smoother the surface is, the lower the friction.” I don’t know what sort of scientific authority you purport to be, but I’m a real engineer, where did you get your degree?! (ERB – DrBrown) Even the GENERAL rule of thumb is that dissimilar surfaces have the least friction with each other (e.g. flat against bumpy).

    “we hate that idea”
    I bet you do. Putting this product in the hands of a large test group would be quite bad for you based on the above conclusions.

    1. Siress

      intransigently = intrinsically

  30. sx trail

    Why can we no longer see this on the home page; too much bad press, or better too many discontent riders as a result of RockS…s horseshit?

  31. rubberduck

    Rockshox have always had a reputation for producing unreliable substandard shocks. Now they’ve taken that reputation and portrayed a deep sense of arrogance to their customers. I moved away from Rockshox products a long time ago, and will not be going back.


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