2014 Vivid R2C Shock – First Look Video

RockShox don’t just officially introduce their new Vivid shocks, they also reveal the most bonkers marketing strategy ever! There’s also some pretty rad riding and slow-mo footage…

Now I can’t believe for one second that RockShox are serious about only allowing the top riders in the world to by one of their shocks, and it’s not the 1st of April yet, so that must mean that the idea was dreamt up by some crazy marketing person who for some reason thought it would be a good idea to try and tell potential customers that they’re too shit to ride one of these products. I bet it’s raised a few eyebrows within RockShox as well as the public. Bonkers!

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if this ‘pro rider only’ policy doesn’t last for very long. Maybe until they’ve got a load off the production line? Anyway, what do you reckon to this kind of marketing strategy? Does it put you off buying this product, or do you now want it even more?

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