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2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours

2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The 2012 World cup race season is over and the silly season has begun! The master of conjecture and speculation Mr @teamrumours has fired up his Twitter account and has begun teasing us with his detailed insider knowledge and artistic ability with crayons.

Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?

Internet shopping?

MTBCut, Enduro, Germany?

Black Beauty and the Beast. Some sort of white horse with a New Zealand fern ridden by some hairy shaggy bloke…what do you reckon?

Can you name all 10?

  1. Ask Frank

    Hill, McDonald, Neethling, Peaty?, Bryceland, Nick Beer, Troy Brosnan?, Smith, Morgane Charre, Branningan….

    1. paulhaysom

      Interesting choice on Morgane Charre, wouldn’t Minnaar make more sense with Peaty and Josh maybe featuring? Less of a rat more of an aardvark though!

      1. Gor

        yeah, but Morgane Charre is still a privateer, so I guess there are quite a lot of teams that would like to sign her!

    2. warthog

      Agree with paulhaysom. #5 looks pretty aardvark-y to me too.

  2. Part Time

    I suppose with interbike about to start it’s a timely re-appearance. Contract signing season is upon us.

  3. Foon

    “artistic ability”… and the guy sure is gifted. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks to him/her for keeping us entertained anyway. Love it.
    And thanks again Dirt for the great coverage of the whole season.

  4. Luke Lu

    Top left to right: Sam Hill, Brook MacDonald, Andrew Neethling, CG(broken legs), JOSH β€˜RATBOY’ BRYCELAND, Steve Peat
    Bottom left to right:
    Troy Brosnan, Steve Smith , Greg Minnaar, Gee Atherton

    1. Leon

      Agree on all but the last one , looks like a kiwi pecking that podium to me.

      1. warthog

        #4 = Peaty because it’s a walker, something an “old man” would use. It should be crutches for CG, or maybe even a wheelchair since he broke his pelvis and was in one for months.

    2. Daniel

      Bottom right is Sam Blenkinsop. 2nd in last years worlds.

      1. Daniel

        Scratch that, will be George Brannigan

  5. Vesa

    Are all these riders without a contract for the next season, or why are they “wanted”?

  6. Corrie


  7. Corrie


  8. Chris

    Needles to join scott alongside fairclough.

    Bulldog to trek and maybe BRUNI Loic

    Also think Manon Carpenter will be making a move to a bigger team.

    Just my predictions

    1. Obress

      Chris: certanly not Loic Bruni…Lapierre already announced their 2013 team.

  9. Monica

    Duncan Riffle to Trek
    *solid source

    1. jamie

      TWR hair dresser?

      1. DirtyDee

        Why would Trek want him? He’s been as good as useless this year, seems pretty cool and all but I think his best results are behind him now.

    2. Monica

      Hairdresser, funny.

      Well, we’ll find out soon enough huh?

      Don’t forget that the wives and girlfriends of all these industry men talk too!

    3. Robert

      I guess that would make sense given the awesome season he’s had and Trek being one of the biggest teams.

    4. warthog

      I predict that Riffle’s career is going to start heading towards Enduro/Super D type of racing soon.

      1. brown pow

        duncan is a spoiled brat. i used to stick up for the guy because he was an american racer. i’ve never seen someone whine and complain as much as him at a local race before. nice $300 skinny jean cutoff shorts buddy. your tats make you real hard. someone should slap that stupid hipster stash off your face.

      2. steve

        agreed, heard a lot of bad stuff about him

    5. jones

      Ha, have you seen his results this year..? i am sure no one will be snapping him up in a hurry

  10. coflo

    Big horse = Cam Cole?

    1. jamie

      It’s a Trojan horse…

  11. Eric

    Smith to Commencal

    1. Gor

      why would he do that? I think Devinci is way bigger and can probably pay more, they’re Canadian and just made him a great bike!

      Maybe it’s not Smith but Marcelo Guiterrez. Even though that’s a pretty bad stereotype, that all people from South America look like this πŸ˜€

      1. NAP47M

        You’re right Gor… is a pretty bad bad stereotype (I’m from Colombia, and I don’t have mustache :P)

        My list:

        Hill, McDonald, Neethling, CG, Bryceland, Nick Beer, Troy Brosnan, Smith, Morgane Charre and Sam Blenkinsop

  12. Bring'n'Back Da Dirt

    I’m going with Sam Hill, Brendog, Needles, CG, Ratboy, Nick Beer, Troy Brosnan, Marcelo Gutierrez, Danny Hart, George Brannigan.

    I’m sure Margane Charre, Manon Carpenter will be sought after as well.

    Most underrated rider on the world cup is Luke Strobel.

    1. Bring'n'Back Da Dirt

      Maybe Brook MacDonald instead of Brendog since Brendan Fairclough seems happy on Scott.

      1. Robert

        Brendan is staying with Scott.
        But someone else has been testing one recently…

  13. jamie

    What about the one that’s covered by the horse?

  14. Sharpy182

    Top row= Sam hill, bulldog, needles,peaty, ratboy,nick beer.Β 
    Bottom row= Troy,Riffle, Β Β Morgane or Greg, cam cole!
    think it will be the year of big change. can see bryceland trying something new, maybe trek. peaty maybe go to his own team fully time, take more of his young talent under his wing. Sam and troy to resign for the big ‘S’ but to be joined by Mitch. it’s all hard to predict, it’s been a good season this year, and alot of riders stood out. next year will see wins for bryceland, needles. the gap that gwin has put in the other riders will be no more. IMO!!

    1. warthog

      I’d bet on Mr. Mustache being Smith and not Riffle. The drawing is of exactly the type of ‘stache people were making fun of Smith for having. Riffle’s is an upturned handlebar style.

  15. Robert

    Bernard Kerr will be on a big team next year. Or at least a factory team.

    A few riders will be off CRC/Nukeproof.

    Maybe we’ll even see an Ex-World Champ on a Nukeproof. Who knows!?

    1. Sharpy182

      Haha sounds like you know more than your letting on!? those nukeproof pluses look a quick bike. ex world champ…. who? Fabian?

  16. Paul

    Ill start off with some support for the women its about time thats Manon Carpenter and Morgane Charre got on to a big team they can learn a lot from the guys and that backing is surly going to help.
    Trek have a spot open if Gwins not taking all the budget and it would be good to see Blinki or one of the young guns getting up there get the support from one of the biggest teams in the world.
    George Brannigan if he stays with Devinci he should also be put on the Blackbox program bit of extra support never hurt anyone.
    Hill and Troy will be Specialized for a long time I hope.
    Id like to see Blinki move to a different team, and finally if there is someone lost in all the hype its Marc Beaumont totally over shadowed at the mo and maybe thats why we are not seeing the best results what would be good is if some of the past manufacturers sponsored someone and got back in to the big time, Foes, Turner, evan Cannondale getting back into the dh.

    1. Obress

      Cam Cole is no more, further escalating earlier rumours of the big lads departure from the team… In his place pops Emmeline Ragot and newcomer Loris Vergier, who will be joining speed machine Loic Bruni and long standing team member Sam Blenkinsop.

  17. j.b

    sven martin has to be the man behind this

    1. Hodges

      SVEN to Nikon!

      1. Robert

        Sven isn’t good enough at art to be the man behind this!

  18. Hodges

    I think Spec. should keep Rape-A-Lot-Oh!

  19. brian

    can someone tell what the “wanted” is supposed to mean?

  20. braaap

    Its clearly hill, brook, needles, peaty, josh, nick beer, troy, steve smith, loic, george.

    my beat is bulldog will be on twr.

  21. Olly

    Contracts are up folks and nothing more. Expect to see most of these guys re-sign and stay put and two major teams to have a little shake up…

  22. Deon

    The Trojan Horse.. Morgane Charre.. took em all by surprise??

    1. warthog

      That idea had never crossed my mind but, interesting thought….

  23. Russel-Paver

    Im still without team for 2013 world cups. But looking to break onto the podium in my first season. Holla at me wid team offerz

    1. Churchie

      Yeah me too. I’m looking to podium at all WC events on a hardtail to show how fast I am. Any offers?

      1. PedOakley

        I’ve been doing mad training on my 29er penny farthing so i reckon i should be on trek next year

      2. Churchie

        Scratch that- I’ll be riding one of those horrible little monty trials bikes with the massive boner-a-like high rise foot long stem. Or one of those equally gash onza T-birds from a few years back. Puke.

  24. Maximilian

    I am too pretty sure that the “wanted” signs means that contracts are up and talks back on track, but we’ll need a confirmation on that. I just looked at last year’s Team Rumours and I think it’s amazing how much of it became true in the end. The coolest bit that went unnoticed by me was the one where Brendan is advised to “keep those goggles on at all times”.

    Anyhow, my list goes:

    Sam Hill
    Brook MacDonald
    Andrew Neethling
    Steve Peat
    Josh Bryceland
    Nick Beer
    Troy Brosnan
    Stevie Smith
    Greg Minnaar
    George Brannigan

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the girls, because it’s only a few of them and most of them have solid rides. I think Manon is pretty well suited with Madison, who except being a race team is also one the most important distributors in the UK and they were a driving force behind the Athertons. Morgane will step up her game and her mechanic won’t be wrenching from the back of a car anymore, I am sure, but I wouldn’t think about something too big. Maybe SC Intense or a more local team of that size?

    And stop hating on Riffle, it’s ridiculous. There are so many more reason to be sponsored than just the racing results. Sometimes it’s the ability to give feedback for product development, sometimes it’s just a great personality and understanding of the MTB phenomenon. I think Riffle was a great addition to the Dirt Norco team this year, but I need to ask: where is Stanny???

    One more thing: as far as my knowledge goes, “rumour” is British spelling whereas “rumor” is American, if you know what I mean… πŸ˜‰


  25. Eoin

    Agree with most of the comments, the only uncertainty is whether the guy with the walker is Peaty or Gracia, and the world champs jersey could be anyone but most likely Charre. For the most part, it’s probably just that contracts havn’t been signed yet, I can’t see most riders moving. If anyone moves I guess Bulldog might prefer an english speaking/fun team, and devinci will have trouble affording both Smith and Brannigan next year.

    1. paulhaysom

      The pro for it being Peaty is that it’s a zimmer frame and not crutches. Cedric is on crutches at the mo, whereas a zimmer is associated with getting on a bit….he still shreds though so who’s to say age is a factor!

      1. Theodor Geisel

        I would bet on peaty staying within the SC group for a long time. Brendon really had bad luck last year, hopefully a solid offseason will get him strong, can’t see him leaving scott, plus the top tube pad has to make him faster next season. Brook, beer and smith (maybe) to move. No mention of richie rude?

    2. Matt

      If, as some people are suggesting, Peaty, Ratboy and Minnaar are all on there, there will be some very big news from Santa Cruz!

  26. Fanboy

    What needs to be asked is who is doing the wanting, ie where are there spots free? TWR has one, Scott needs more riders if they want to win, CRC needs to bet on two winning riders instead of 8 top 50 riders (sorry, but it’s true) if they want to win etc etc.

    I can see Devinci wanting to keep all of their riders, but a few others wanting to snap Steve and George.

    The UCI jersey could be either Morgane Chare or Luic Bruni. Both should be top on the list of future names, together with Richie Rude. I hope to see Charre on a good team soon, Spesh together with Sam and Troy would be fitting, as she shared the same aggressive riding style.

  27. CC

    We’ve been waiting for Brendog’s breakout season for 7 years !!!

  28. Robert

    Brook MacDonald is going to be on a Trek next season.

    1. tim

      I’m thinking that Brook MacDonald may have a couple of options to weigh up next season…Team mate to Aaron Gwin or Team mate to Sam Hill, seen one world cup doing laps with Gwin, the next with Hill. Hmmm, Hill was also seen doing a few laps with old team-mate Fairclough however in Hafjell…..friends re-united?

      Santa Cruz would be silly not to roll with it so to speak. The World Champion, the sports longest running ambassador in Steve Peat and Bryceland showing everybody just how accomplished he is this year.

      Devinci is one of the biggest brands in the world….and probably has the financial clout to back up teh recent successes of it’s podium three…. the calculated and professional demeanour of Brannigan could sit very well with Gwin however. I wonder if Richie Rude would make the transition there as well from Yeti….history repeating itself.

      Needles? After a few seasons knitting he may well be up for a change. Specialized? Trek? Can’t put my finger on this one.

      Morgane Charre has to be on Dirt Norco surely. She was already rocking the Dirt stickers at the World champs.

  29. Alex

    Michael obrien to do another season on his own trek before joining TWR in 2014

  30. tom

    macdonald and brannigan to twr. martin whiteley loves those two

    1. "big" john

      this guy seems to know what’s going on

  31. Big Bird

    Over on Vital someone reported from Interbike that they had spoken to Smith and the Syndicate crew and they had said that NEXT were offering around some crazy amounts of money to land a big name pro. Could these be the names on their shopping list?

    1. Maximilian

      Who’s next? πŸ˜‰

      1. Whatever Next?

        You know the shop that sells clothes, household items etc. They don’t sell bikes yet but I expect Β£99 full sus bikes to be appearing in their catalogue soon. So we could see one of the big name riders on a ‘cutting edge’ british eagle or falcon or reebok bike soon. Exciting times I’m sure you’ll all agree.

  32. sven

    hopefully Ruaridh Cunningham gets snapped up

  33. Omar Purau

    Brannigan to Kona 2013 testing has begun

  34. dan j

    i just saw mic hannah yesterday in whistler, riding a polygon. looks to have all the same parts that he had on the morewood.

    1. James

      I saw Cous Cous and his gf in whistler a few weeks ago, he’s definitely still on a Morewood and wearing the UR jersey

      1. Dude-on-Edge

        Looks like SikMik will be on Polygon.. one of the Polygon Rider told me

  35. Eoin

    All team Yeti are going to riding Iron Horses, F%ck Yeah!!!
    Seriously tho, my mouse scroller is gonna die if you dont make a new post+comments for each team rumour!

  36. paulhaysom

    Is it the news that Chewbacca is riding for Disney?

  37. sharpy182

    the dude looks like he could be covered in coal…. Cam Cole. could be riding a iron horses.

    1. sharpy182

      had a rethink…. cam cole on a horse, which could be a pony… maybe he’s on a wee pony ‘trek’!? they have got places after Justin leaving. cam cole and gwin. what a team that would be.

  38. Jerome

    Also a New Zealand feather on the back of the horse.

  39. bedders

    different subject but does anyone know if/when there’s going to be a DVD of last season coming out?

    1. billy

      Bedders, we’d love to do one. If can get enough wonga together it might happen!

  40. Thurnis

    So a New Zealand ride and a black rider? So Eliot Jackson on Zerode?

  41. Jack Hudson

    Cam Cole to Yeti?

  42. Rasheeeeed JamJar

    Have a look at Adam Braytons twitter and it looks like he’s on a Specialized next year (he’s definitely trying one out). I dont know if he’d be on the Monster Energy Specialized team or just as a privateer but seeing him on the same team as Hill would be great! Brayton, Hill and Brosnan; now that would sell bikes!

    1. Rasheeeeed JamJar

      Actually, it’d make sense for Brayton to be on Monster Energy Specialized if these rumours of Sam Hill on Nukeproof next year become true.

  43. Wil29rider

    little question, what’s happened to shaun o’connor ? I haven’t seen any result of him this year … Is he always to yeti team ?

    1. Rasheeeeed JamJar

      Yeah I was thinking this, he did one season with Yeti and then disappeared…

  44. Theodor Geisel

    for the love of god billy, please put these in new posts, the scroll button is melting on my mouse

    1. billy

      Scroll on baby! I’ll see, a new post for each one seems a bit excessive though, we’d have had two this morning. How about some sort of water cooled system for your mouse instead? Maybe some ice?

      1. Nic

        How about a way of highlighting new comments since your last visit? Is this possible? Works on forums so I cant understand why it wouldn’t here. Also, it would be cool to have a link directly from the home page to the comment sections of a post (so you click on the speech bubble/comments and it would take you straight to the bit you read last…)

  45. Eoin

    Right, so im guessing the MTBcut guys are going to be riding direct sales German bikes with “steep” geometry. I think canyon and YT and great geometry, so I would reckon Rose bikes for MTB cut? Seeing as they ride Oranges, they are aleady used to pig ugly bikes ;). Baseball cap one is too vague, the website could be CRC, but then again the cap dude was always Sam Hill, which does not add up.

    1. Rick T

      A ravine with steep sides = a canyon.

      1. Eoin

        Yeah… I wrote down canyon and even thought “why do they specifically say ravine?” ahhh facepalm. Sucks for Orange tho, no riders at all left?

  46. Janner

    Sam Hill on Nukeproof?!

  47. jim

    Do MTB Cut even have a team?

    1. Beth

      fraser mcglone, joe barnes

  48. Gert B. Fobe

    Sam Hill – YT

    1. Mike

      YT Tues 2.0 DH LTD World Cup 2013 is coming. With Renthal integra and Fatbar…

  49. jimmy

    Sam Hill to Chain Reaction on mega bucks. CRC to have a A, a B and a C team. One Dudes of Hazzard member to a big french team under the biggest french rider ever. Bryceland to stay with SC if Robskopp piles up the money for him. Peaty sorted. Greg Williamson and Kerr to get decent deals.

    1. Zut Alors!

      Nice dream. It ain’t gonna happen. Sam Hill to CRC I mean. And the dudes of hazard dream, Lapierre have announced their team (the big french team under the biggest french rider- Nico V.) But please, dream on.

  50. sharpy182

    Prepaid credit card! who’s luckily enough to get that?

  51. jake

    TWR team
    aaron Gwin
    Brook Macdonald?
    And Justin Leov racing enduro as the team is now focusing on gravity

    1. Just make up anything so you sound knowledgeable...

      Leov has retired from racing. Gonna be a carpenter back in NZ.

      1. jake

        thats what people think… yes he is retired from downhill, but if you knew what kind of training he’s been doing and the fact that the team is no longer a downhill team but a gravity team. A gravity team to me indicates that they are possibly gonna have an enduro rider…Justin Leov

      2. AD

        True that!

  52. bob

    They probably don’t have enough money, but is a a white horse with a fern a Zerode

    1. Tom

      They have plenty of money, but who is the hairy rider?

  53. stuart

    Hairy bloke on a Kiwi horse can only mean Rob Warner coming out of retirement and riding for Zerode bikes!

  54. Emil

    Minnaar or Charre

  55. bob

    Win masters is hairy

  56. Maximilian

    Interesting again!

    I don’t know who the hairy dude is, but Zerode on the circuit must be something!

    The plays with “ravine”, “canyon” and all that on the MTBCut one are cool indeed and must speak some language also. So it’s gotta be changing to German Canyons, who might want to step up their game.

    The last one is the most challenging one. A prepaid credit card must mean freedom to do your own thing and to shop for something. In this case, it must be a frame. Baseball hat guy? No idea! Sam to CRC? After all the cash Specialized put into him, he’s an investment and I am sure also a very very important developer in the game of bikes, so why change an already winning thing? Do you think there aren’t enough Demos selling?

    Let’s bring in the next ones!

  57. guido

    id like to see a team riding on YT tues’. I’m putting my name forward

  58. Chris

    Black beauty and the beast

    is wyn Masters on Zerode!

  59. Maximilian

    I wouldn’t like to see anybody else big ride on the YT team. Isn’t Andreu enough image? If that happened, I’d have to question myself what part of the little YT margin actually goes into development and if there isn’t any crack cocaine money in that business. Even though YT is the fastest growing gravity oriented brand in Europe (or so they say), I don’t know if their budget is fit for another star, although time will tell. In the same breath of thought, I can’t help a well known and respected Californian brand who turned sacrificing R&D money for marketing and teams into an artform. “Heeey, it’s for racing, it’s not meant to be ridden hard!” πŸ˜‰


  60. Big Dawg

    Here’s a new one:


    Brook to Trek or Specialized I guess?

  61. Maximilian

    No fun. This is too easy.

  62. Paddy

    Imagine a British, Team Sky kind of team that would be awesome.

  63. thierry

    regarding the ‘enduro roadtrip’ : Joe Barnes will lead the ‘Canyon Enduro Factory team’. The team will also be composed of 2 german riders (Ines Thoma and Marco Buhler) and they are looking for a french guy to complete the roster.

  64. bedders

    Hey Billy, thanks for your note back a week ago about a DVD. There’s been one since 2009 by my reckoning so it would be a shame to break the run. No pressure then. Can’t Red Bull do something with their $millions? Cheers

  65. nick

    Black beauty and the beast = Cam Cole on Giant!

  66. Bouse in the house

    Would make sense for Brook to move to Trek, him & Gwin both got Red Bull Backing & trek have a opening with Leov leaving. I can’t see him going to specialized since they backed by Monster & already have two really big names in Sam & Troy.

  67. braaap

    sam hill has signed with chain reaction cycles.


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