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2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 5

2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 5

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The 2012 World cup race season is over and the silly season has begun! The master of conjecture and speculation, Mr @teamrumours, has fired up his Twitter account and has begun teasing us with his detailed insider knowledge and artistic ability with crayons. Here’s the latest instalment…

Rainbow of opportunity. Hmmmm…rainbow stripes, Holly and a bike with odd shaped wheels?

Garden Of Eden. What do you think? Specialized trying to lure Aaron Gwin into temptation with the mighty dollar? Whatever, I think @Team Rumors has hit the Christmas sherry early, the quality of the artwork, the brush stroke, the subtle tone and definition of light and dark is lacking from his sterling original work.

Press play while you decipher the runes from above.

What’s Wyn Masters doing riding that bull? This is starting to remind me of Catchphrase…say what you see!

Here’s the recipe…but what’s cooking?

Well part of this one is pretty simple, but can you name the 5th rider? Or is one of them expecting a kid… (Thought I’d throw that one out there to get the rumour mill going full tilt)

Who’s the rider…or should I say company that won’t back down?

This one has to be Sam Dale, but where’s he off to? And as far as we know it’s not Dirt.

Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?

Internet shopping?

MTBCut, Enduro, Germany?

Black Beauty and the Beast. Some sort of white horse with a New Zealand fern ridden by some hairy shaggy bloke…what do you reckon?

Can you name all of them?

  1. Adam Hicks

    Hmmm, but it was Eve that was tempted by the apple…. So is it a girl maybe???

    1. Michaelodb

      Morgane Charre signing with Monster energy Specialized?

  2. Ed

    Na look at the trek logo in God’s pitchfork!

  3. Luker

    I thought Gwin signed for another two years on Trek…

  4. Claude

    Defo Gwin, trek logo on the pitch fork, and he has a halo to make him a saint (as in shimano) And the Snake sure looks like the big S??

  5. guideo

    Adam and Eve. Brayton?? Go on lad!!!!

  6. Jason Millward

    God looks a lot like Martin Whiteley as well

  7. Jimmyb

    It looks to me like Trek World Racing will be switching from Shimano/Saint to SRAM/Rockshox for the coming season?

  8. Johann

    Could well be! is it a fox in this S (Shimano) river? And God/Witley seem quite unhappy (after Shimano for the brake failure at world champs).
    SRAM surely need some potential winner as they’ve lost sponsorship of Santa Cruz last year.

  9. Scott

    After running around like a headless chicken, Evil bikes are back for 2013.

  10. Hristo Tanev

    Specialized on Shimano!

  11. steve's always right!

    is that a brocken bridge over the river – could mean a broken contract? If specialized get gwin and have sam and troy – that would be a very strong team.

  12. barney

    Sambo to Uk Brand….isn’t that supposed to wait until the new year?

    Or does everyone know that Hill is riding for CRC next year?

    1. savdog

      its sam dale not sam hill

      1. Craig B

        Sam Hill apparently

  13. savdog

    could have something to do with brayton , he was testing a demo8 a few weeks ago

  14. Bartas

    Tracy Moseley leave Trek for Specialized

  15. Cord

    Apart from the “devil” doesn’t have the trek logo, the inner lines go the wrong way?

    Snake certainly looks like S of Specialized. Adam and eve? Possibly Brayton??? But i don’t get the Halo??? Trees, river and a lake? as in lake district?? I don’t think so, but can’t see anything else???

  16. John.

    MTBcut on Canyon.

  17. scotto

    The snake looks like the Specialized “S” for sure. And given we know how much Gwin is a fan of the big man upstairs, he’s probably the guy with the halo, being tempted away from TWR to Specialized. Only other really religious person in DH I can think of is Mick Hannah.

  18. Edward Leach

    A red bull spesh team with Aaron gwin and bulldog

    1. Ross
  19. scotto

    Gwin to replace Hill, Brook to replace Gwin?

  20. Ben
    1. EmileBureau

      Why would a small german site get the news first?

      1. Goon

        They didn’t they just posted the press release to early

  21. abdul

    i recon the latest one is specialized trying to get ‘the king’ shaun palmer onto the team!

  22. Trip

    Hill to CRC. Confirmed!

  23. Ross

    http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Aaron-Gwin-on-Trek-for-3-More-Years.html gwinny is on trek for 3 more years he is not on specialized

  24. hncreature

    Now that he’s there…was this just added or was this hint he was coming over? Sure looks him — http://www.chainreactionhub.com/crc-nukeproof-team

  25. Maya Rider

    I reckon the latest one is Holly Feniak, riding her junior world champs rainbow stripes right into the big time. She sure did impress at Leogang. Wonder who she will be riding for.

  26. Bissman

    Holly feniak riding for polygon bikes?

  27. stetom13

    and I can reveal that Holly Feniak, 2012 Junior Womens World Champion, will be riding for Lambretta in 2013 😉

    1. Maya Rider

      hollycow: a scooter makes it to the world cup, with a motor too! like she actually needs it.. pfft!!

  28. DHZ

    Holly Feniak gets picked up and runs 650b wheels?

  29. TSMITH

    Defo Holly Feniak in for the win! #Canadawillbeontop #gostevieandholly

  30. Nial oxley

    holly on polygon bikes

    1. Dude-on-Edge

      tats will be cool..she’ll riding along with SickMik .. wait, Tracey Hannah?

  31. Julius

    Matti Lehikoinen on Evil bikes?

  32. Dude-on-Edge

    so.. Logan Bingeli & Kevin Aielo still on KHS ??

  33. Beth

    the holly leaf has gotta be the junior girl world champ?

    1. oknidd

      Gwin on Spesh??? is it for real?

  34. fanboy

    Teamrumors are so right it’s scary.

    Which are left to puzzle out? The recipe for success?

  35. Connor

    Wyn Masters on Bulls Bikes.


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