2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 4

The 2012 World cup race season is over and the silly season has begun! The master of conjecture and speculation, Mr @teamrumours, has fired up his Twitter account and has begun teasing us with his detailed insider knowledge and artistic ability with crayons. Here’s the latest instalment…

What’s Wyn Masters doing riding that bull? This is starting to remind me of Catchphrase…say what you see!

Here’s the recipe…but what’s cooking?

Well part of this one is pretty simple, but can you name the 5th rider? Or is one of them expecting a kid… (Thought I’d throw that one out there to get the rumour mill going full tilt)

Who’s the rider…or should I say company that won’t back down?

This one has to be Sam Dale, but where’s he off to? And as far as we know it’s not Dirt.

Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?

Internet shopping?

MTBCut, Enduro, Germany?

Black Beauty and the Beast. Some sort of white horse with a New Zealand fern ridden by some hairy shaggy bloke…what do you reckon?

Can you name all of them?