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2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 4

2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 4

The 2012 World cup race season is over and the silly season has begun! The master of conjecture and speculation, Mr @teamrumours, has fired up his Twitter account and has begun teasing us with his detailed insider knowledge and artistic ability with crayons. Here’s the latest instalment…

What’s Wyn Masters doing riding that bull? This is starting to remind me of Catchphrase…say what you see!

Here’s the recipe…but what’s cooking?

Well part of this one is pretty simple, but can you name the 5th rider? Or is one of them expecting a kid… (Thought I’d throw that one out there to get the rumour mill going full tilt)

Who’s the rider…or should I say company that won’t back down?

This one has to be Sam Dale, but where’s he off to? And as far as we know it’s not Dirt.

Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?

Internet shopping?

MTBCut, Enduro, Germany?

Black Beauty and the Beast. Some sort of white horse with a New Zealand fern ridden by some hairy shaggy bloke…what do you reckon?

Can you name all of them?

  1. Reid Junior

    Rachel is prego, thought everyone knew this already.?

  2. Karl Payne

    “Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?”
    Looks like a British Bull Dog, which has gotta be @brendog_1 (Brendan Faircloug)

    1. Triad

      Brook MacDonald as the Bulldog going to Trek or Spesh, Taylor Vernon on GT.

    2. Marc

      James Pritchard for GT anyone seen him he’s a beast

  3. Troller

    Taylor Vernon.

  4. Yvan

    I think young belgian Martin Maes will be the new racer with the Athertons. He is only 15 years old but already did the best scratch time at the Belgium DH championship and ended 5th at the Enduro of nations in Sauze d’Oulx.
    He wants to race both enduro and DH.

  5. Ed

    iccle tay tay on athertron racing

  6. mr_p

    Gareth Brewin is the 5th atherton….

  7. mr_p
  8. Lurchh

    Dudes of Hazzard on Canyon bikes next year

  9. DHZ

    Baltic Ben Reid is pretty short and with him and Rach being an item I could see him coming on board.

  10. bono barrett

    It might be Harry Barrett! but he’s taller than Slugger

  11. rambo

    the Athertons are summer training in NZ with “mini me “

  12. Sam

    taylor vernon with the athertons 😉

  13. Oscar Monk

    Hill is gonna go to Nukeproof :(

  14. Rob Allen

    Prepaid credit card. Maybe YT are putting a team in this year?!!
    When I ordered mine i had to use a credit card.

  15. Nug

    Prepaid credit card – could be someone coming onto the CRC team with their own sponsors. Maybe Tahnee Seagrave riding her favoured Intense Bikes?

  16. Maximilian

    I would say GT Atherton team expanding, just that doesn’t look like a Vito Sport rear end. Also, a little JT Racing logo in the clouds???


  17. DHZ

    Wyn Masters doing commentary with Warner? Oh god please yes.

  18. John

    James Pritchard for GT apparently he’s Marc sluggers prodigy.

  19. michaelodb

    Martin maes signing with gt! Here’s a Belgium article about it:


  20. Bob

    James Pritchard has already been seen testing this years GT downhill bike with the athertons and slugger apparently he will be riding enduro cross country and downhill this year

  21. Simon s

    Ronnie Corbett , joins Atherton racing !

  22. panzer


  23. Cheezario

    So the teams have all agreed to publish their own rumours in order to keep people interested in UCI WC over the break. How about UCI organize a summer series down in Oz and NZ so the teams can race nearly all year! Sick of waiting for next season yo!!

  24. Part Time

    When the break is several times longer than the season, they have to try something I should think.

  25. jackattack

    Wyn doing some clips of crazy horses for red bull next season!

  26. Big Bird

    I’m guessing that Wyn TV is going to the Red Bull Media house and Cam Cole will star in the new series.

  27. pete

    i wonder if the german company Bulls are going to make DH bikes now too like Canyon and Cube? maybe thats it?

  28. braaap

    ^^^ click this guy is onto it. Wyn is on bull bikes for 2013

  29. Eoin

    Confirmed: Martin Maes on GT racing both DH and Enduro, he’s only 15!!! Great to see companies starting enduro teams!

  30. Jeff

    I think slugger just confirmed this rumor via twitter: “Can’t wait to go out riding with my new team mates Martin Maes @TaylorVernon67 @gee_atherton @Dan_Atherton should be mega 2013 “

  31. Ross

    http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Aaron-Gwin-on-Trek-for-3-More-Years.html Aaron gwin previously signed with trek for 3 more years he is not on specialized

    1. Andy NZ

      How things change!

  32. demo4life

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