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2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 3

2013 World Cup Rumour Mill with @Team Rumours Part 3

The 2012 World cup race season is over and the silly season has begun! The master of conjecture and speculation, Mr @teamrumours, has fired up his Twitter account and has begun teasing us with his detailed insider knowledge and artistic ability with crayons. Here’s the latest instalment, fresh off the back of him being yet again proved right with the Cole/Yeti deal…

Who’s the rider…or should I say company that won’t back down?

This one has to be Sam Dale, but where’s he off to? And as far as we know it’s not Dirt.

Some sort of aggressive dog looking to visit Trek or Specialized?

Internet shopping?

MTBCut, Enduro, Germany?

Black Beauty and the Beast. Some sort of white horse with a New Zealand fern ridden by some hairy shaggy bloke…what do you reckon?

Can you name all of them?

  1. dirt dodger


    1. Eoin

      Definitely Sam Dale as he had that cover shot recently and currently rides transition! For the brand my guess would be: 1) CRC nukeproof, 2) Madison Saracen, and a looong way back 3) Orange bikes.

      For the other one, I reckon evil undead back on the circuit? Were there any racing last year?

      1. tomas

        evil is still in circiut…filip polc rides on evil

  2. Chris p

    sam hill on CRC??
    Brook “buldog” could be a special. child?

    1. dirt dodger

      Put Sam on CRC? Chris are you on crack?

      1. Roomur

        Dirt Dodger, i think you are indeed the one on crack. Sam on CRC is a real possibility.

      2. dirt dodger

        ok – care to elaborate why then?

    2. Chris

      think we’re talking sam dale here

      1. dirt dodger

        yeah that is not so unbelieveable, Hill on CRC just doesn’t sit with me.

  3. Muska Pereira

    Bulldog on Trek or Specialized? Holly cow

  4. Deon

    Evil bikes with the undead from the Pacific North West?

    1. Olly

      Aye. Is that a headless chicken?

  5. Olly

    Brook on Trek, Sambo on a Saracen, GM on CRC and Luke Strobel on an Evil.

  6. soepalmer

    Sam Hill leaving specialized ? to CRC ? Bulldog replacing him in specialized ?

  7. Llion

    Joe Barnes on Rose?

    1. EmilMP

      No, Canyon…
      More enduro rumors and facts (!?): http://enduro-mtb.com/en/rumors-2013-teams-riders-enduro-world-series/

  8. steve kelly

    joe barns off to cube bikes id say

  9. Billy

    Being pedantic CRC/Nukeproof are Irish! Two Sam’s on CRC? Luke Strobel back to Evil, Brook on Trek, the demise of Heimdal’s Monster/Madcatz program and the re-birth of Specialized Factory Gravity Racing!? Trek’s third rider? Yeti got a steal with Cam Cole. Syndicate, Trek and Scott on 650B wheels…who else? Female racing still not being supported by the industry. The rise of Enduro (but will we see it fall like 4X due to the difficulties in media coverage/ethics)? Athertons on a revised/new GT?

    1. Eoin

      Being even more pedantic, they are not…

      1. James

        I dont know what pedantic means but their northern irish

    2. Big Dawg

      Pedantic means ‘they’re’ not ‘their’.

      1. james

        sorry didn’t realise this was grammar nazi germany

  10. Jinton

    joe barnes clearly off to canyon- hence why they added a canyon in the middle of the road…

  11. Dingo

    ‘PNW Pride’ could as well be Bryn Atkinson moving to Evil. Not sure on his current contract though!

  12. Salad fingers

    Hill on crc
    Sambo on Madison

  13. Martinv

    Barnes on Canyon… Not really any more anymore I believe

  14. George

    Why would Sam Hill go to CRC? thought they wanted to keep a mainly UK based team for research and development that is why they dropped kovarik. Specialized surely wanna keep hill after his solid season and the fact he is getting back to his old ways every race.

  15. FortbillFTW

    it is official that Joe B is moving to Canyon bikes and leaving MTB cut and orange allong with some other dudes of hazard and forming their own team with Canyon

  16. PC

    If Sam Hill goes to CRC im giving up on the sport, if the best bike companies cant hold on to the best riders in the world when they have the money and technology to build and put the best into bikes then theres really no future surly.

    I missed the PNW bit I was thinking Fabien Barel back from the dead but yeah the Evil one makes more sense

    1. Willy

      What? So Nukeproof a company of passionate, friendly people who love to ride bikes of all sorts are not aloud to hire a world renowned rider to help develop and market a growing range of bikes? You may not like CRC’s very successful Business strategy but they also employ 100’s of bike riders, you know create lots of employment in Ballyclare in the North of Ireland and elsewhere! I’d feel more sorry for the sport if a company like Nukeproof couldn’t hire someone like Sam Hill to help grow and maybe one day be as successful as Specialized or Trek!

  17. Matt

    Despite CRC having an excellent race program and affordable bike, their business kills local bike shops and the industry by selling at wholesale prices.

    Luke Strobel back on Evil. Bull dog to Trek.

    1. jebus


    2. dave

      Local bike shops lack of service and knowledge is what is killing local bike shops. my local for instance has been in business for over 100 years but if you aren’t into road or cx they don’t wanna know you. As for CRC’s pricing strategy how is their business model bad yet YT, Canyon and Rose are all hailed for offering great specs at great prices – by cutting out distributors and retailers? too many people taking too big a slice of the pie is what cripples the industry, when you know what mark ups are on parts you may change your attitude

      1. Wbubwubwubwub I'm dubstep wubwubwub

        Go hug a tree hippy, and pay over the top at your local….who just end up ordering from CRC themselves

      2. hncreature

        All hail George! The truth hurts about the LBS’ The problem here is that these places have great knowledgeable employees but the owners are such money grubbing douches that the good help all leaves leaving us with “Yes Men / Women” employees that lack knowledge and enthusiasm

      3. hncreature

        My bad… All Hail Dave!

  18. Yvan

    Don’t know if she will race world cups, but Caraline Buchanan will be back to the mountain bike scene on a DH bike.

  19. I know every thing

    Sam Hill = iron horse
    Rob Warner = giant
    Steve peat = gt
    Tracey Moseley = kona
    Brian lopes = is a cock
    Nico = sunn
    Anne carro = sunn
    Rumour has it carbon frames will one day be used in DH

    1. hncreature

      Lopes…LOL! You do know everything!

  20. elbry

    Brook on trek for sure.
    sam dale on Madison /Saracen.

  21. WCmechanic

    Gwin to Specialized, Hill to Nukeproof.


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