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2013 Red Bull Rampage Results!

2013 Red Bull Rampage Results!

24 riders went head to head in Utah to take home a podium spot at Red Bull Rampage 2013. We saw Cam Zink make history with a back-flip off the Oakley Icon Sender, Kelly McGarry back-flip the 72ft Canyon Gap and some of the biggest tricks, and steepest lines that mountain biking has to offer. Some game changing riding went down today in the desert with riders pushing limits of bike, body and mind!

Kyle Strait takes the win at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage, making him the first ever person to win Rampage twice!

Kelly back-flipping the 72ft canyon gap!

Riders took their first runs, and 11 guys managed a second run before the contest was called off due to the wind.


rampage results 3This year, Red Bull gave viewers chance to choose a people’s champion by voting during the competition before judges got their scores in after each run. The people’s choice champion for 2013, as chosen by you guys is: Kelly McGarry.

Kelly McGarry competes in the qualifying round at Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, UT, USA, on 12 October, 2013. // John Gibson/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20131013-00053 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to www.redbullcontentpool.com for further information. //Kelly McGarry in qualifying!

Check out the highlights in the run up to Rampage over the weekend and keep an eye out for edits, and full results from the final in the next few days!

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  1. Wayne Kerr

    Andreu Lacondeguy man what a run should have been a podium position for sure. Kelly’s flip was massive. Happy to see judges didn’t give Zink the win, yes the flip off the sender was huge but the rest of the run wasn’t to the same standard. Shame he did not get a second run to build on it. And to the guy (or girl?) who bagged my name out in a previous post at least I have the guts to post under my real name not some stupid alias that means bugger all to anyone

    1. _timfromwales

      Real name #snigger#

  2. Paco Loco

    Great to see Fairclough in the top 10!
    How come Gee wasn’t riding this year?

    1. Eoin

      Wasnt allowed, just like steve smith I reckon. Sponsors pay too much money to have them risk huge injuries at rampage… Not that WC racing is much safer… Although the injury tally for this one was pretty high, at least 2 femurs, plenty of ankles, ribs etc…

      1. Taff Frewin

        “Wasn’t allowed”?

        You’re just making stuff up.

        He wasn’t there because of an ankle operation.


      2. Hwulex

        Taff, You shouldn’t be so quick to shoot the guy down. Gee said himself in a post-Leogang interview that he’s not allowed to Rampage this year, team orders. Whether or not that was serious, I don’t know. http://mpora.com/videos/AAdl4uhoxqaj @ 11m50s

        Fair enough he tweeted about the ankle, but whether that was deciding factor or just timed with his ‘team orders’ so he couldn’t go, who knows.

  3. Nahum

    Lacondeguy was damn unlucky to miss out on a podium finish! His run was crazy fast and exciting the whole way down. Strait’s run was massive no doubt, but I think even Kelly’s run should’ve taken out top spot!

    1. sx trail

      Word that! Totally concur!

    2. Leon

      I think lacondeguys run trumped Zinks personally , it was just so damned exciting and ‘ steezy ‘

      1. Hans Djob

        Totally agree that Andreu should have been on the podium. Would take McCaul off and move Kelly into the top spot, then Strait and then Lacondeguy. Still suppose the judges had a better (maybe) view than we did on the net and they did seem to get it pretty close according to all the comments. By the way to Wayne have you ever thought of just changing your name if it causes you so much grief of maybe just use your first name you do not have to put up your full name really.


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