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2013 Megavalanche Entires Open Today!

2013 Megavalanche Entires Open Today!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Entries for the bonkers mass start Megavalanche aka the carnival of chaos go LIVE today! The Mega is one race that should definitely be near the top of your “Must do” list for 2013, right up with “learn to manual” and “fix the shed roof”.

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The Mega week is from the 8th to 14th of July.

Who’s up for it this year? Go on, you know you want to!

Hit up www.megavalanche.com for the info.

(Even with Google translator the site might be confusing, I think this is the registration link www.megavalanche.com/inscription.php, click it, enter your email address to create an account and away you go)

2012 Dirt TV Mega finals.

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  1. billy

    How’s everyone getting on with the registration then?

    1. Jersey James

      what have they done with the simple registration from the past few years?? i have no idea what ive even signed up for now!

    2. nick

      having a mare, tried to enter email address and getting error message. any ideas???

  2. James k

    I raced last year and used a 2.35 minion maxxpro front, and a 2.35 dual ply high roller maxxpro rear, with Dh tubes, and didn’t get a puncture all week. I also saw nico voullioz lose a 40 second lead, down to pulling a tubeless tyre off the rim…

  3. James k

    ^ Front was single ply btw

  4. nick

    hi all, registering nightmare, entering my email and receiving error message?? any ideas. Thanks Nick

    1. Rickellis64

      Got as far as payment but won’t go any further Grrrrrrr

  5. Ben

    I’ve registered ok, but I’m supposed to be booking for a mate who is working out in Norway atm. Is there anyway to book multiple entries?!

    1. dirt dodger

      yes, just choose the rider, pilot i think they call it… it asks if you want to book for you or someone else and if you have an account

  6. BananaHammock

    They don’t like making it easy to enter do they!

    1. dirt dodger

      it was never very intuitive – i think it’s all part of the mega experience, hahaaaaa damn Frenchies

  7. phil

    I really have no idea if I did that right, my form seemed to have a lot of “none” or “no” entries

  8. Hancock

    Not going this year, very sad.

    Going to Australia instead, not so sad!

    1. Craig B

      Where in Oz?

      1. Hancock

        Brisbane (Manly to be exact) for a week, then road tripping up to Toowoomba the second and a few days in Sydney after that.

  9. nozes

    No Megavalanche for me this year.
    Raced it 7 times since 2002,but I can’t get enough of it,I will be back!
    Vive la Mega!!!

  10. Sam

    I’d go for at least a 2.3 width dual ply if not 2.5….You’re better off having a slightly heavier more robust tyre than getting stuck with a puncture…


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