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2013 DH Worlds Championships track Pietermaritzburg - Talkie Helmet Cam

15:15 12th August 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Here’s your track for the 2013 World Champs, and yeah apart from a few small changes it looks very much PMB standard issue, i.e. big jumps, fast, and lots of pedalling…

Yes it’s got some high speeds, and some serious airtime, but surely it must now be time to put this track to bed? That said, some riders do seem to like the track, but what do you lot all reckon? Should we all stop moaning about this track and just enjoy the jumps and warp factor speeds, or do you think DH at this level belongs only on super steep and gnarly tracks? For what it’s worth, I am very much in the latter camp.

  1. Aaron

    A mix of track styles is good but thats flat section needs to go!

  2. Woodrat

    I’ve seen way gnarlier enduro stages.. Are the riders allowed to use enduro bikes to race world cup DH? surely it would be faster on a track like this?

  3. joe

    You can’t take out a race because a few riders don’t like it. To be world champion you need to the best no matter the track not just the ones that suit you. Im sure there are a few riders that dont like champery.

    1. Leon

      Thats true to a certain degree , but maybe these riders dont like the track because it’s barely a DH track ?

  4. ronin

    this track is an argument for wheel sizes. so yeah..take it out, please.

  5. Mack tack

    I like it… More moto style…

  6. rh

    Lumbering DH bikes being pedalled on the flat is never nice to do, or watch. DH needs gravity assistance – especially at WC level. This track lacks gradient & elevation, IMO.

  7. Bambam

    It looks fun to ride but the problem is it isn’t fun to watch someone ride it.
    Unlike a track to look impossible for me to ride and that’s not doing it, if you have to point out where the ‘rock gardens’ are so I don’t miss them you have track issues

  8. Bambam

    I like is what I meant….

  9. Salty

    Courses like this makes me mad that there isn’t any decent WC’s in the US. Why can’t we host a race in Western Coast Line we have plenty of venues capable of hosting a WC. And it would at least be a real DH course.

    1. nozes


  10. Alex

    Surely one of the EWS exciting features is the variety of tracks. I don’t want to see DH become a sport where there is no variation on the tracks. We could end up isolating DH further if all tracks become too ‘enduro’ to race DH on and so are taken out of the series. I want it to be a world series and mountains around the world vary so let the tracks vary too.

    Maybe an article suggestion for Dirt could be to review all the tracks over the last 10 years. Looking at length, gradient, how technical etc. See which ones past and present would make the dream season.

  11. zeeman

    Cape Town with table mountain has some of the best terrain you could imagine. They have a bike park up there with downhill tracks cut through it too.
    Incredible scenery and town. South Africa should move their event down there. This track is terrible. Like the crappy downhill tracks we have to ride in Australia.

  12. g

    total dogshit

  13. DHer

    You really cannot compare this track to VDS, Champery or Andorra as PMB doesnt have the elevation variation. That being said – PMB has always been the fastest track on the circuit with AVG speeds last year of 45km/h … Having ridden the track the pedal SUCKS to race! … but its only 40sec and all the pros can handle it.

    Everyone must also remember that although there are way more amazing tracks out there .. the UCI relies on the venues to pay the cash for the event – not the other way around – Im sure if places like Vail, Champery and Nevegal saw it as a viable event to have, and put in a bid for it, the UCI would award it over PMB in a heartbeat … but they dont bid … and PMB does – and therefore gets it …

    So in that thinking – even if its not the greatest – its another round that we get to see, rather have one more than one less IMO.

  14. WAKi

    Mhm… Anybody remember Canberra? That was a sht of a track. Nobody complains though, because Peaty won his stripes there. Maybe Sam will win on flats and we will all go bonkers?

    It’s gonna be cool to watch XC action, PMB Xc track is ozom! Just like Canberra one was. Give it to Spandex boys.

    1. Mez Eldridge-Tull

      What this guy said!!! Everyone likes and dislikes tracks that they’ve had to ride in the past… Suck it up and ride!

  15. Luker

    It might not be the most exciting track… but we have so few DH World Cup rounds already it would be a shame to lose another. I’d be happy to see it replaced by a better track in SA, but if it was dropped without being replaced I’d be gutted.

  16. JC

    I’m with dirt, I don’t know why the UCI persevere with this dog of a course. Sure its good to have a WC in RSA, but there must be something better than this.

    When you watch Champery, Fort Bill, VDS world champs its exciting as you just might see something a bit special, like Danny’s run in 2011. This year, whats the most exciting thing that could happen – someone turns up on an XC bike?

  17. Bedders

    Some interesting debate here. Is there such as thing as a perfect track? I don’t know. This track looks smooth and fast (that’s just about OK isn’t it?) but does it need so many jumps? I guess its got the speed factor but the pedally section can’t be much fun for anyone. Still, it is what it is and they’ll all just have to get on with it. Anyone know the details yet about broadcast?


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