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2012 World Champs Leogang Guide

2012 World Champs Leogang Guide

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The 2012 Mountainbike World Champs kicks off this week in Leogang, Austria.

Here’s a look at the schedule for the week, a complete entry list, the weather forecast and a guide to local cuisine and dress sense. All you need to know basically.

Where can you watch the big event? Well we’re hoping to be showing it in our Dirt Party lounge but will bring you more details this week.

World Champs Schedule.

Looking a touch on the wet side for the Champs.

THe complete list of the blokes.

The complete list of ladies.

Junior men.

Junior women.

4x men.

4x women.

Brook MacDonald helmet cam.

2011 World Cup from Leogang.

Where is Leogang?

What to wear in Leogang if you want to fit in.

You can either eat Wiener Schnitzel…

…or Burenwurst, literally translated as “penis of donkey”.

The prize pot.

The numbers.

THe Rules:

DHI/4X Race Clothing
4.3.011 All lycra-elastaine based tight-fitting clothing is not permitted.

4.3.012 An approved full-face helmet must be worn properly both when racing and when training on the course. The helmet must be fitted with a visor. Open-face helmets may not be worn.

4.3.013 The UCI strongly recommends that riders wear the following protection:
• back, elbow, knee and shoulder protectors made of rigid materials;
• protection for the nape of the neck and the cervical vertebrae;
• padding on shins and thighs;
• broad full-length trousers made from rip-resistant material incorporating
protection for the knees and calves, or broad-cut shorts made from rip resistant material plus knee and calf protectors with a rigid surface;
• long sleeved shirt;
• full finger gloves.
4.3.014 Cameras are not permitted during qualifying rounds and finals. The riders are responsible for securing the fixation of the cameras in order to avoid any danger. The UCI can decide to allow a camera during finals but only for the usage of the TV production company. Metal/permanent fixtures to attach the cameras are not allowed, tape and velcro are allowed.

Offical Leogang World Champs soundtrack from Leo “Leogang” Sayer!

  1. Big Dawg

    With Danny Hart being out through injury does that mean Brendan is going to race?

  2. lee

    @Big Dawg no Brendan still isn’t racing

  3. Sharpy182

    Yeah, how come brendog can’t race?? thought he was the reserve rider! uci need to get there s@#t together and redo the rule book!

  4. stetom13

    No Joe Connell or George Gannicott? they were announced as on the team the other week

  5. billy

    Danny had an automatic extra place on the team as reigning World Champ, Brendog can only replace a normal member of the team.

  6. Trip

    No Peaty?

  7. Pumptrack Tim

    Yeah, where is Steve, he was listed in the team? http://dirt.mpora.com/news/2012-world-champs-british-team-selection.html

  8. CC

    Not as much DH practice this year..

  9. ddmonkey

    Are Nick Beer and Matthew Beer related?

  10. billy

    Hmmm, yes looks like the UCI have left a few names off the sheet?

  11. jamie

    Nick Beer and Marcel Beer are the Beer bros, Matthew Beer isn’t a relation (as far I know, “Who do you think you are?” might be able to prove otherwise…)

  12. Greg

    Why is Luic Bruni not on french team?

  13. billy

    Greg, Loic dog is in, he’s listed in the Junior Mens section.

  14. bicycleirder

    All those rules about cameras not allowed during practice and finals. Does this mean that Red Bull won’t or will be streaming this live??

  15. highwayman

    only 1 uk 4X rider?

  16. sunki

    Is Myriam Nicole going to race or she is injured?

  17. billy

    Myriam is out with injury.


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