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2012 World Champs British team selection

2012 World Champs British team selection

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

British Cycling announce the 2012 World Champs team and it’s massive!

21 riders will travel to Leogang for the 2012 Mountainbike World Championships, it would be awesome in this Olympic year if we came away with a bag full of goldie looking medals!


Elite Men
Danny Hart
Gee Atherton
Josh Bryceland
Marc Beaumont
Matt Simmonds
Joe Smith
Sam Dale
Steve Peat
Reserve: Brendan Fairclough

Elite Women
Rachel Atherton
Manon Carpenter
Tracy Moseley

Junior Men
Jono Jones
George Gannicott
Joe Connell
Fraser McGlone
Phil Atwill
Mike Jones

Junior Women
Tahnee Seagrave

Scott Beaumont

Katy Curd

Will Longden ,DH Team Manager for World Champs, explained the situation with Danny Hart and Brendan as reserve rider:

“GB gets 7 Elite men places plus Danny Hart for World Champs as he is defending Champion. SO injured or not he doesn’t take a place away from anyone else. The situation with Brendan is he will be be registered as the first reserve for the team. This means if any of the selected elite men are unable to compete, he will fill their position. This is with the exception of Danny Hart who cannot be replaced as defending Champion, wether he can compete or not. The reserve rider can only replace one of the other riders up to the point that the team is signed on at registration at the Championships. Once the event begins we cannot for example replace a rider that is injured in practice.”

We’re hoping that Danny Hart will be 100% recovered from his shoulder injury to defend his World Champs jersey.

The official word:

British Cycling has announced the team selected to represent GB in the DH and 4X races at the 2012 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships, which takes place in Leogang, Austria, from August 28th to September 2nd 2012.

The team will include seven previous World Champions, showing strength in depth and a wealth of experience in International competition for the team. The selection of six junior men is also an encouraging sign that there is a healthy pool of young talent being nurtured through the British Downhill Series and individual coaching initiatives up and down the country.

Downhill Coordinator for British Cycling, Will Longden said: “The elite team speaks for itself, World Champions, World Cup winners and consistent performers throughout. The junior riders are an exciting prospect, it’s been a few years since we had so many juniors in one season all capable of a BDS win and qualifying for World Cup finals. They will also have the benefit of a training camp at Leogang next week with myself and coaches, to help them get the best possible preparation for the Championships. It’s hopefully the start of an exciting time for the development of young DH and 4X riders through the support of British Cycling.”

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  1. chris

    thought danny hart was out with an injury.

  2. Pumptrack Tim

    I bet there is a certain rider in Farnham that is pretty gutted… I understand he hasnt had the results this season, but if he is fit Brendan is capable of a podium at Leogang, surely?

  3. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    How do you get tickets for the Worlds? I’m just thinking it would be a nice break from work!

  4. gvfkgh

    http://worldsbustrip.com/ all in one party to World Champs!

  5. 4X Fan Greg

    Sooo stupid! Why is there only two riders picked for the 4x? The UK has tonnes of up and coming riders easily capable of challenging for the medals. In the Pro Tour this year we’ve had Dowie, Roberts, Parsons, Evans, Mundy, Lacey & Bateson consistently making quarters and battling for places in the mens finals along with Suzanne Lacey who actually podiumed in Fort William. Come on BC….4x is where its at!!!!

  6. Fast&pink

    All the DH teams are so strong – shame about the 4x, mind. Gutted for Brendog though.

  7. dirt dodger

    Chris didn’t exactly study hard @ school did he?

  8. Morgan

    Very disappointing to see just one 4x rider from each camp. There are loads of good UK 4X riders who are starting to make inroads into the top 10 in the pro tour. It’s a shame Scott Roberts is out with a broken spine, but surely they could have easily picked another 3-4 men who have good chances of podiums?
    And how many women are actually racing? Surely we should be sending the likes of Suzanne Lacey and Cara Murray, because out of the 8 or so that will actually be there (probably less!), they can easily podium. Or will they be roping female XC riders in to make up the numbers as they’ve done in the past?
    I hate to sound all negative, but this is just another example of the UCI killing off 4X because it doesn’t earn much income (simply because the Yanks aren’t involved anymore: when Lopes was dominating EVERY big corporate American manufacturer had a 4X bike in the line up). If you want 4X to thrive (and thus make a profit on it), maybe show some support for it rather than turning your back and pretending like you were never interested.
    Anyway, the real question is how many riders are we sending out to race XCE? Because I hear that’s where the money and excitement is, isn’t it?

  9. Mark

    So have the UCI not completely dropped 4X off the face of their world then? Seems odd to drop the world cup series but have a champs race. If they don’t want 4X as a part of their set up they should just fully drop it rather than dabbling in one race a year IMO. It’s a great shame for all the racers that have been mucked around recently by the UCI regarding 4X.

  10. churchie

    No Bernard Kerr? He’s had a great season, better than Fairclough

  11. zak

    Morgan, if you hate sounding negative why do you always do it? Surely the cup is occasionally half full?

  12. optimus doddsy

    brendog in reserve…. big fan, but he should count himself lucky he got that really

  13. panda

    Straight up @Churchie, Why no Bernard Kerr? He’s had a great year and deserves to be acknowledged. As well as properly sponsored ZZZZZing!

  14. Jase

    Adam Brayton on current form would have been a better choice also than a crocked Brendon, but like Bernard their world cup form needs to improve.

  15. Daniel MacInnes

    DH should be on the olympic list of sports. A real shame as we would be up there with the best of them

  16. Paul dodsley

    What a joke regarding the 4x selection. It’s a shame other top riders are not getting the chance to race. How can the riders and sport advance when the selection is as poor as this.

  17. sexyguy

    brendog should be on the team.


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