2012 Valparaiso Urban DH Update

Just a quick update from here in Valparaiso, Chile. Course work is almost done, only a few hours of construction left to go, and another 3 hours of light to get it done.

Words and Photos: Fraser Britton

All of the International riders have been here for a couple of days, but the locals are all here now and there are spectators flooding into town and setting up camp outside of the hotel hoping to get an autograph with CG, Polc, Vandine or pretty much anyone else not from around these parts.

The entire neighborhood is getting into the swing of things, including a local artist who’s house is on the track. He’s welded up a Valparaiso city logo out of used bicycles parts. Serious skills!

Most of the race sponsors have crews in town setting up their various sections. Canon has a huge VIP area going in on one of the larger drops, and The North Face continues their push into cycling with a talented crew of people here painting mountain scenes and logos on the local buildings.

Stay tuned for more from here in Chile, and be sure to watch live on Freecaster Sunday at 15:30 local time here in Chile.

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