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The 2012 Scott 11 World Cup No.1 rider is...

08:18 28th November 2011 by Billy Thackray

You probably already know from all the internet gossip but…

…we’ll still have to wait 24hrs for the official word!

(We’ll have the exclusive news here on Dirt tomorrow morning.)

So judging by the photo with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background, the mystery rider has clearly been camping out at the Occupy London site. Any top rider’s been Tweeting from there recently?

Who do you reckon it is?

Hmmm, who could it be?!!!

  1. AJ

    Why they still stalling? Everyone knows it’s Brendog! ;)

  2. Haho

    How cryptic.

  3. TheFastestAussie

    I really hope it’s Shaaq . . . .

    I’ve been waiting for him to race downhill for years. Basketball was just a phase

  4. intense4life

    Its obviously Mr Spoon!

  5. Thats not a very nice hat

    Thats not a very nice hat

  6. TimBud

    I wonder if they can drag this out anymore…

  7. Bartas

    Romain Paulhan !!!

  8. massimo

    …is a good move for Fairclough, and for Scott!

  9. Jawoll

    Rob Warner is making a comeback? That is great news!

  10. Spoiler

    New rider (Brendog). New Gambler…? I think so.

  11. Luker

    Missy Giove?!

  12. Dwainpipe

    Good to see old Brendog as a no 1 rider for once…

    Athertons on Intense too ….WOW…

  13. Jamie

    Chuck Norris? I hope so…

  14. craig

    i no brendans fingers anywere

  15. Tino

    Surely the Number 1 rider has to be Floriane Pugin again as she is going to win them the most points by a country mile and be a major contender for both World Cup and Champs!?

    Can’t see any other new signing beating her numbers?

  16. dirt dodger

    its getting like bloody AMA motorcross now waiting to see where people wil or wont be.

  17. Douda

    Romain Paulhan is in it already. Official.

  18. stooky

    Think i can see the riders bottom lip in that photo. Sorry couldn’t stop myself.

  19. raddog

    Excellent. Brendan now just needs to relax himself into his first WC win. No calling results. The win will come.

  20. Andy

    Hopefully he will get some good results this year!

  21. scrappy doo

    look at that chin… of course its brendon

  22. jim

    or bruce forsyth is quitting strictly for a season of DH

  23. aeryn

    Seriously Brendan can we have our easyup back now?

  24. stacy kohut

    tino knows.
    good luck to both rider and team.

  25. lady gaga

    tino knows shit all!

  26. Hello Dave

    Tino, Pugin doesn’t sell bikes… Brendan Will!

  27. gaz

    one of the better photo’s of brendan . .

  28. Jon P

    Boris Johnson?!

  29. simon s

    i think its steve ormrod with that chin.

  30. mr_p

    you can see his face better here

  31. cool hand luke

    to me that chin says jimmy hill reincarnated..

  32. cool hand luke

    hmm or is it the guy from tango and cash with the huge chin?


  33. cool hand luke

    could be Desperate Dan you know..

  34. Tino

    Hello Dave – I agree, market value of Brendan is very high as he is an amazing rider buckets of style. He will help the Scott image in DH as I still see them as plastic fantastic XC machines. Hell, I wanted his green enduro all this year after seeing it placed here there and everywhere in vids. (Brendan, first refusal as you sell off the old gear ;)) I love when we get to see his different line ideas in practise etc. I think Claudio should work well with Brendan and may relax him into his best form yet.

    However, Pugin rides v strong and should score mega next year if she comes out attacking again. Brendan is up against a very large field of talent to try to claim the same points.

  35. jonny simpleton

    i really think its joel moore tbh

  36. gonzo valve

    i really hope its joel moore

  37. Armydhteam (jack)

    Some guy called Scott jeez it’s not hard he has his name on his hat

  38. Scott got wings

    It’s obviously Hans Rey

  39. arse

    It hass to be Kim Jong-il.. he will come 1st in every race no matter what position. just like when he played golf and ‘only got 5 holes in 1′…. hes the man to beat next year.

  40. ciku-marindh

    it’s Tiger Woods for shure!!

  41. hairy balls

    wonder if hes giving away those old demos :)


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