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2012 Leogang World Champs Results

2012 Leogang World Champs Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Spoiler Alert! All the results from the World Champs at Leogang.

Greg Minnaar wins the World Champs for the 2nd time in his career. Can you believe it was 9 years since he won his last title?!

Bit of an anti climax with last man down Aaron Gwin appearing to suffer from a mechanical. But what a race eh?! The sun came out, the track dried up and speeds were up to warp speed and a few riders got caught out, Peaty, Bryceland and Needles were amongst many who tasted Leogang dirt.

Fastest timed session rider Mik Hannah looked like he had done enough for the win, but King Of Crankworx Stevie Smith put down an outstanding 3:23.004 which didn’t look beatable. Gee Atherton up next was on a mission to reclaim the rainbows and smashed Smiths run by 0.7. Penultimate man down, Greg Minnaar was pinned from the get go. Sheer speed and technical deft saw the lanky South African go 0.5 quick at split 1. He held his nerve and put in a 3:21.790 to take the hot seat.
All eyes were on Gwinny, the only man who could ruin the party. But Gwin was in trouble, he was coasting, (From TWR Twitter: @AaronGwin1 had a brake malfunction is not immediately evident what caused this. Still exploring.) mechanical mishap put paid to his chances of gold.

Minnaar takes a well deserved win in Leogang!

Morganne Charre! Well who saw that one coming?!

Charre who was 4th fastest in timed practice yesterday, turned up the burners today and posted a 3:50.654 with 6 of the world best riders left on the hill. Miriam Ruchti and Petra Bernhard didn’t come close, Floriane Pugin was 0.7 down at the first split and couldn’t claw the time back. Manon Carpenter looking rapid was fastest at split one but lost 1.6 on the middle section. Two riders left on the hill, Ragot and Atherton.

Reigning World Champ, Ragot, again looked fast but maybe burnt out after the pedally traverse and came up 1.4 short. Only Atherton, who was carrying a back injury, could take gold from the unassuming Charre. Rachel was in trouble, slower at the first split it was clear that she was struggling and goes 5th nearly 5secs back.

Young French rider Morganne Charre seemingly came from no where and won the 2012 World Champs Gold! Good effort!

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  1. napoleon

    Loic Bruni’s the man !

  2. Dexta

    Watch out elite boys loic cuming to get ya

  3. David

    Minnaar to retire after the worlds next year?

  4. Ronin

    Amazing from minaar. True gentleman of dh. Stevie, yours is coming soon!

  5. TimBud

    Where the fuck was the champagne??

  6. Eoin

    Gutted for Smith, lost it when he cased both big jumps. On the other hand I’m not sure why he chose the sex offender look for the podium… Quick question: Who is the female world champion? As in what team etc, never heard of her.

  7. Joe

    I’d just like to point out that Australia won by rank!!! Beat you GB! :)

  8. Churchie

    loved gwins ‘goof air’ over the last jump!

  9. Leon

    Thanks for not putting the results in the Title or on the text below !
    Nothing worse then getting back from riding to watch the replay and you accidently glance at the resuslts.

    1. Munzy

      Agree Leon. And thanks again for all the coverage Dirt Team – videos, pics and audio been 1st class!

  10. scriz

    Man, Rockwell was putting me to sleep… drink a monster or something dude, it’s facking world champs!!

    Happy enough for Minaar.. but that pedal/traverse/motorway really sucks the excitement out of an otherwise decent track.

  11. skud

    Peat fastest thru speed trap! unlucky he went down, he was in with a shot….still more wins in him I reckon (if he’s hungry enough)!


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