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2012 Fantasy League World Cup #1 Results

2012 Fantasy League World Cup #1 Results

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The second most exciting question after “Who won the World Cup?” is “Who is winning the Dirt Fantasy League?!”

Diedre and Maureen have been up all night typing the WC cup results into the ‘system’ and we now have the results!

We’ve got a 21 way tie for first place, with Andrew Dyke and his team “AD1″ at the top of it. (Ordered by who registered first)

How did your team do? Click www.dirtfantasyleague.com to find out.

The winning team selection from round #1 Pietermaritzburg.

Remember you now have TWO transfers to improve your team for round #2 Val di Sole!

Were you too lazy to get your team entered in time therefore missing out on round one points?

Don’t worry slackers, we’ve set up a special mini league for you:


League PIN: 1439

Now all you fashionably late folk can have your own mini league with like minded fans who missed out on the first round. Make sense?

NOTE: The Slackers League is only for folk who registered after round one and therefore have 0 points.

Hit up www.dirtfantasyleague.com

  1. billy

    6406th for me. Danny Hart let me down:( Also picking two non starters didn’t help either! Big shake up for round #2 I think!

  2. ddmonkey

    Mr Hart let me down too but I reckon he’ll pay me back later… 2244th for me. Who to swap out I wonder….

  3. Ian moss

    Me picking riders who dont like peddling screwed me up! Plus pugin getting crocked has seriously fooked me over!

  4. Paco Loco

    How many people in total are playing?

  5. Rick T

    628th with 748 points. Is that like my usual mid-table mediocrity? Winning our little local league though!

  6. Cristian

    where do you get the overall placings from ?? on my team homepage, the link only has those with 800 points & above!! :(

  7. Paddy

    Does anybody know what has happened to CGs riding partner. The south american bloke?

  8. Andrew Dyke

    This is awesome! Let’s see how much I can mess it up at val di sole!

  9. Down n Dirty

    Troy is goona come through for me in valdi sole :-) i have faith in my team and its all to play for still

  10. stevo

    how many are in the league? i’m currently 301st, and the statmonger inside wants to know what %age i’m beating

  11. billy

    @Stevo we’ve got over 9000 at the moment, so I reckon you are beating about 97% of teams!

  12. rh

    Jeez.. I thought it could only get better after quali’s (6951st), but then slipped back to 7673rd!! Doh! Better have a re-think before Val Di Sole!

  13. dirt dodger

    there will be some massive swapouts on big scorers come Val di Sole, that was a bit of an unusual one if you ask me.

  14. dirt dodger

    Danny’s whip though, BOOM !

  15. Matt

    Philip polc a non-starter. Missed that 1!! Sure he’s not injured! I think???

  16. Shaun

    1927 alot better than i had expected… Greg Minnaar will not be transfered lol we share the same home town… Had high hopes for Jonnier & Beer anyway will see how round 2 plays out… Awesome being there!! amazing atmosphere!!

  17. Anoobis

    Hey stevo, interesting that I’m exactly the same placing (301st) and also wanted to know how many teams were entered. I feel sorry you though as I’ll be whupping yo ass come the final round [/banter]

  18. Mr B

    So, if i transfer a rider after round 1, does my team score get re-calculated with that riders score from round 1, or do i keep the score of the original rider?

  19. lister11

    Riffle let me down. Clown


  20. Marc

    Anyone know what’s up with Marcello Gutierrez? He’s a shredder but wasn’t at PMB. Wondering if I should swap him out.

  21. Oliver

    Damien Spagnolo let me down.. nr. 123 for me, think it’s shared even.

  22. adude

    Ditto Oliver , we must have the same team. The Spag will fire up for VDS I believe :)

  23. adam

    2772 as it stands, up from qualifying though. anyone got any news on wyn masters, id heard he was fit so thought itd be worth having him in there.

  24. Bring'n'Back Da Dirt


    I’m in this 21 person tie. And I’m stoked my team is at the top. But I wouldn’t mind making a transfer(s) to differentiate myself from the rest of the 20 people. But I’m unclear as to whether or not you KEEP the points earned from the riders you HAD. Or does transferring abandon the points earned in favor for the points earned by ONLY from the new members of your team ONLY from the time you transferred to them. I would hate to loose points just because I was trying to tailor a team better for VDS or any other race.

    I made this mistake last year my fantasy team was devastated.

  25. Giant Glory

    doesn’t matter . . i still pick Danny up! . . his whip worth 1000 pts

  26. TimBud

    If you transfer you’ll keep all your previous points.
    Any new rider you have will start with 0 points.

    My team didn’t score well only 537 and in Pos3376, but I’m not going to transfer yet. 2 months is a long time for shit to happen.

  27. ddmonkey

    I think we should get bonus points for massive whips in race runs! Go on Danny!

  28. billy

    @Bring n Buy Sale, as Timdog correctly states, all points won so far are safe, they are in the bank, they are yours for ever and ever. Bring a new rider in and they will start scoring points for you from Val di Sole.

  29. ed@dirt

    Poor old Jon Gregory (our designer), fancy having your riding style advertised so high up in the rankings.

  30. czauder

    Haha I picked Moseley and Pedemanaud… I wish I knew they would not start ;(.

  31. Norbert

    If only I known that O’Connor was no longer with Yeti I’d be very close to top results. That lost me some serious points.

  32. Bring'n'Back Da Dirt

    …and yeah, 2 months is a long time. Will be making transfers very close to the next deadline.

  33. Armydhteam (jack)

    Adam Brayton was
    My non starter and I didn’t even realise he hasn’t gone to pmb even though he was parked next to me at Pearce round 1
    So I should of changed it quick, how ever he made my day watching him pin down bringewood


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