2012 Dirt Fantasy League World Cup #2 Results

Diedre and Maureen have once again been up all night typing the WC cup results into the ‘system’ and we now have the results!

After a 21 way tie for first place after the first round things have now started to spread out with Dave Dinkelman and his ‘Rico Racing’ Team now sitting in the top spot all on their own. Obviously everything is still to play for, so if you want to check out where you’re currently sitting, or make some more team changes ready for Fort William this weekend (these need to be made by 14:30 BST on Saturday), then get on over to

Dave’s team originally included Gee Atherton and Johann Potgieter, but for Val di Sole Gee got swapped out for team mate Marc Beaumont and Loic Bruni also joined the team.

This is the overall table so far, and Renners and Ivor Hugh Jardon are currently the two in-house team managers battling it out for supremacy.

This is the teams that scored the most points in Val di Sole.

And here’s a reminder of how things stood after round one in South Africa. It’s interesting that teams scored far higher in this first round than they did in Val di Sole, and in Val di Sole the points were also more spread out.