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2012 Dirt Fantasy League Stats Update

2012 Dirt Fantasy League Stats Update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Nearly 4500 of you have joined up to play the fun World Cup Dirt Fantasy League game!

Click here to join in the Fantasy fun!

Australian National Champs Troy Brosnan and Tracey Hannah are still your favourite selections.

And at last even Ivan Oulego Moreno has been selected!

In other stat news…555 Mini Leagues have been set up by you lot.

If you’ve not registered a team then click www.dirtfantasyleague.com and follow the instructions…it’s really easy!!!

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  1. Rory

    86 people don’t realise that Ben Cathro is only doing the 1 World Cup race this year. Might want to swap him out until Fort Bill

  2. oldguy

    well 179 have selected S Oconnor who is not racing this season.

  3. eoin

    Jesus lads, its like you don’t even want to win, why don’t you tell the 329 people who chose blinky that he broke his leg a few weeks ago and cant possibly do well in SA?

  4. Optimus Doddsy

    Why can blenky not possibly do well in SA? He broke it ages ago, its an old injury. By the time rnd 1 comes it will have been nearly 9 weeks. until i hear otherwise hes stayin in my team, hes o lota bang for your buck imo

  5. eoin

    Blenky is one of my favourite riders, but he has never been inside the top 20 in SA. He injured his leg (broken fibula) mid january. I havnt heard aything more, but I assume he had to rest it for a least a few weeks. So i base my previous statement on 2 assumptions: 1) He will have missed out on a few weeks training and will have lost power. 2) The rest of the field will be much fitter this year to try and be able to compete with Gwin.

  6. Optimus Doddsy

    its one race though, theres alot to be said for the rest of the season

  7. Optimus Doddsy

    and dint blenky finish 21st last year??

  8. eoin

    2 changes in between each round and 10 per season…

  9. TimBud

    Didn’t Alex Bond just break his collar bone in Cali though (last week)? 430 have got him.

  10. dullknives

    didn’t blenki also slice his hand open pretty badly not too long ago? that’s gotta put a damper on at least some of his training.


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